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Delivering exceptional value with Barphone and IR

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Operating for over 50 years, Barphone is a Greek telecommunications service expert, that specializes in helping their customers accelerate digital transformation. They are an Avaya Diamond Partner, as well as an IR partner.

Account Manager, Dimitris Verykios, explained how IR and Barphone work together to deliver exceptional value and service to their customers.

The problem

Barphone’s customers needed a better view of their Avaya environments and wanted a solution that would help them monitor the performance of their systems to help them understand what was happening when things went wrong.

They had tried native and other third-party solutions, but none had been able to tick all the boxes.

The solution

The Barphone team started out using IR Collaborate for their customers’ unified communications (UC) monitoring needs in 2014. Over time, as customer requirements evolved, they expanded their Collaborate offering to include contact center (CC) monitoring.

They are now looking to further expand their solution offering with Path Insight network monitoring, to provide their customers with deeper insight into their environments and help them get maximum value from their UC and CC investments.

The benefit

Barphone’s customers include a number of large contact centers and enterprise organizations; downtime in their UC or CC environment is not an option.

“The troubleshooting capability of Collaborate makes a big difference to our customers’ business,” said Dimitrios. “When something goes wrong, it’s critical they know where the problem is quickly, and Collaborate helps them solve problems faster.”

Not only does Collaborate provide Barphone’s customers with the peace of mind that their systems are up and running correctly, Collaborate gives them the insight to better understand how their systems are being utilized. This means their customers can take a more proactive approach to managing their environment and make better strategic and operational decisions.

“As a partner, I’ve had a great experience with IR at every stage of the customer journey, from presales and sales, all to way to installation and ongoing management,” concluded Dimitris. “I would definitely recommend working with IR – the value is always there.”

Dimitris Verykios
Account Manager, Barphone

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