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An IR customer since 2019, this business is an award-winning, international IT solutions provider with an annual revenue of around $1.2 billion. Their solutions architects and engineers design, build, deliver and manage IT solutions and services for customers of all sizes, from a wide variety of industries.

By maintaining the highest certification levels in the industry, they can transform the latest technological innovations into solutions that help their customers become more competitive in the marketplace, deliver an enhanced end user experience, and enjoy greater profitability.

This customer utilizes IR Collaborate as part of their IT platform to deliver on these services. They leverage IR’s solution to monitor their unified communications customers and contact centers across all their managed services clients.

Missing key SLAs and dropping customer satisfaction

One of the main concerns they were facing before deploying IR Collaborate was that customer satisfaction had started to fall as they were missing key SLAs. Deep analytics and insights were not being captured to identify the root cause of an issue, and really pinpoint where that issue had come from, particularly around call quality.

Pinpointing the root cause of UC issues

Once they’d implemented IR Collaborate, these issues began to turn around.

“It is really hard to come up with the root cause, pinpoint where the issue is, and having IR Collaborate really closed that gap and got us to where we could be proactive, meet our SLAs and [it] just helped with customer satisfaction.”

“It [IR Collaborate] hits all the marks. We're able to do more with less resources because now we have a lot of very relevant root cause related information right at our fingertips. Obviously, that's key because when you look at services managed services you want to deliver."

“From a monitoring side, when it comes to unified communications and contact center, we [now] have deep insight into contact centers, deep insight into unified communications environments."

Customer satisfaction definitely improved.

Next for our customer and the industry

“What we're seeing in the market is there's a ton of migrations that are happening from on-prem contact centers, on-prem unified communication systems moving into cloud. We’re seeing [the] hybrid model.”

“We're seeing a lot of context in our employees working from home and as that happens using Collaborate is really key for us.”

This makes it exceptionally important for our customer to not only monitor the communication channel and the call quality from a contact center, but to look at that quality end-to-end, right from a contact center agent to our customer and back.

Having a purpose-built tool like IR Collaborate that allows our customer to not only collect all the data they need, but tells them exactly where an issue is, provides key metrics and alerts in a timely fashion is important.

“We are absolutely recommending this platform.”

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