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HCL needed a global view of a multi-vendor UC environment..

HCL Technologies supplies VoIP troubleshooting, reporting and service level measurement for one of the largest electric distribution and transmission systems in America.

To achieve this HCL needed a global view of a multi-vendor UC environment that included Avaya and Cisco PBXs and some legacy equipment.

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NSC Global Limited improves voice quality and saves on..

NSC Global Limited was experiencing poor voice quality within its complex multi-vendor UC environment. It was difficult to get to the root cause when degraded voice quality or outages occurred.

Although each vendor supplies troubleshooting tools for its UC solution, NSC Global required a holistic view with messaging and alert automation so problems could be circumvented and fixed automatically if possible.

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Mindray and Prognosis - a winning combination

In Shenzhen, China you’ll find Mindray Medical International Limited, the country’s largest medical equipment manufacturer.

From R&D centers and subsidiaries across the globe Mindray’s employees develop, sell, install and support medical devices and solutions for patient monitoring, diagnostics and digital imaging.

And they rely on an in-house developed self-service portal to support their various needs.

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Black Friday. 72 hours and counting. And Black is turning..

Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in the US is just 72 hours away.  And if last years figures are anything to go by, this year’s online and instore sales will total billions of dollars.*

But something is wrong. Very wrong.

As 75,000 contact center agents distributed across 29 contact centers prepare for the Black Friday onslaught communication systems start to fail.

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Wipro was tasked to manage a multi- national company’s..

Wipro was tasked to manage a multinational company’s global Cisco IP telephony system. This meant bringing the right combination of products and service expertise to create a solution.

The first challenge Wipro faced was to monitor the performance of its client’s global VoIP infrastructure and assess its impact on voice quality.

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Client Services Contact Center protects client..

Missouri based Client Services Inc. is a full service receivables management and teleservices provider.

It takes pride in delivering the best possible customer experience and recognized how VoIP and UC could enhance and innovate communications with consumers, as well as delivering operating cost advantages.

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

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