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CSI Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Prognosis for..

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IR Prognosis gives BT end customers cloud Unified..

BT is the leading global communications service provider. They combine their global strengths in networking, cloud-based unified collaboration, hybrid cloud services and security with their deep expertise and global delivery model to be a trusted partner for their customers.

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Prognosis delivers efficient alerting and automation

The voice and data team at Sheffield University is part of Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS). This group manages wired and wireless data outside the core, and all telephony including the core.

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Prognosis builds a picture that says it all

HandiCall provides dynamic customer services operations across several locations in France including Chartres, Tours, Bordeaux, Lyons and Paris.

The services it offers its clients include debt recovery, health insurance, banks, home security systems and Level-1 support for an international petrol company’s petrol cards.

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Prognosis delivers pinpoint accuracy when and where it’s..

Prudential Global Data Services (PGDS) is the IT management arm of the Prudential Group of Companies and manages over six thousand VoIP end points.

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Prognosis ensures every day runs smoothly for Cegedim

With worldwide operations in 80 countries spanning five continents and with over 8,200 employees, the IT staff at Cegedim needs to ensure high quality global communications services for its staff, call centers, and help desks.

In this case study Dan Maniu, Telecom Manager IT Architecture for the Americas, explains some of the challenges he experienced before using Prognosis, and how Prognosis helped him solve them.

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Prognosis finds the needle in the haystack.

What’s going on?

An innovator of contact center solutions was upgrading its Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure when big problems struck.

Voice quality had plummeted and staff were struggling to isolate the cause.

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Prognosis brings flexible and mobile performance insight to..

Strategic Payments Services (SPS) is a successful and modern payments processing company providing a full range of solutions and services for issuers, merchants, acquirers and payment gateways.

These solutions give niche players, financial institutions, retailers and merchants access to the efficiencies and benefits of scale usually only available to major banks. As they only pay for the services and functions they need, they can access new and...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

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