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Don't stress out (why stress testing your contact center..

Contact centers are often made from best-in-class components. Many contact center implementations have elements that come from as many as 18 to 20 different vendors. Each one of those discrete elements—whether it's the CTI routing and hunting package, the speech recognition...

Communications Blog • 4 MIN READ

Don't allow a disaster to derail your Contact Center

In every industry, there are a few critical periods each year when your Unified Communications (UC) or Contact Center...

Communications Blog • 6 MIN READ

Delivering Enterprise Communications to the Mid-Market

Much of the development effort in enterprise voice communication technologies has traditionally been focused on helping large enterprises, which can have over 50,000 end-users, become more efficient. The real question is whether or not smaller enterprises can also benefit from...

Communications Blog • 4 MIN READ

Collaboration and the Art of Meeting Productively

We can connect and collaborate like never before, but it takes careful planning and management of the entire ecosystem to reduce time lost in unproductive meetings.

Communications Blog • 4 MIN READ

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Cloud Comms Question No Longer 'If' But 'How'

As enterprises turn to the cloud, they must address issues around ROI, management, and deployment model.

Communications Blog • 4 MIN READ

Call Center Monitoring Matters (because what you don't..

Making sure your call center monitoring solution is working properly is an ongoing challenge. Whether it's legal, healthcare, or financial services, large organizations need recordings to satisfy compliance recording requirements and to resolve legal disputes with customers.

Communications Blog • 5 MIN READ

Don't be a Victim of 'Watermelon Metrics'

Watermelons are beautifully green on the outside. But if you had never seen one before, you might be deceived into thinking the whole fruit is the same color. It wouldn't be until you cut it open that you'd come to find the inside is a deep, juicy red.

Communications Blog • 5 MIN READ

Why testing is critical for UC and Contact Center Success

Testing your organizations unified communications and contact center eco-systems is critical to delivering end-user and customer experience. In this latest podcast, Skip Chilcott - Global Head of Product Marketing - discusses why testing before issues occur can save a lot of...

Communications Blog • 7 MIN READ

Why a network pre-assessment is critical for UC

In a recent podcast I discussed the importance of running regular tests to ensure unified communications eco-systems are performing as intended. This is just as important prior to any deployment, as it is to ongoing health.

Communications Blog • 2 MIN READ

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