Unified Communications Reporting and Analytics

Visibility: Historical Data Reports and Real-time Analysis

Let’s start at the top. 

Prognosis de-ices your windscreen and rearview mirror to give you the visibility to see what’s going on in your UC environment; in real-time and historically. You can see across multiple vendors; Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, SBCs, etc. in one view. No more driving blind, waiting for a horn to tell you you’ve crashed.

Insight: Descriptive Analytics, Patterns and Root Causes

Descriptive analytics are used to gain insight; spot abnormalities, trace patterns and find what’s causing issues. 

UC Call Quality Metric Reports 

We wireframe information into dashboards for latency, jitter, packet loss, MOS and more. These are sometimes called call quality reports.

When the dashboards light up you can jump into the driver’s seat and start to investigate. With Prognosis, you can navigate deeply to the root of the problem. 

Live Canvas

You know your business better than we do. Typical paths, sequences, nuances, tics. You know what you want to see front and center. Live Canvas allows you to create customized dashboards and screen views to visualize what’s most important to you: monitored systems, applications and relationships. Get a complete end-to-end picture of where to look for voice issues when combined with Voice Quality 360°.

Descriptive analytics monitor systems and raise a flag for abnormalities. However, in a world of big data descriptive analytics are only the first layer of analytics. 

Predictive Analytics for UC

Predicting the future is not about looking into a crystal ball. It’s about forecasting a storm and stopping it in its tracks.

IR’s predictive analytics string the blips together and spot patterns over time. We see what causes bottlenecks, what causes a spark to ignite. We predict when they are likely to happen again. But we don’t wait for problems to arise, we’re on the front foot, offering up solutions to problems that might not even exist yet. 

Our predictive analytics are hooked into proactive alerts and send out early warning signals to divert disaster. 

Beyond Descriptive and Predictive Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics

Remember that spark we predicted? IR’s prescriptive analytics lets us nip it in the bud. It blocks it from igniting in the future. Here’s how:

Prescriptive analytics, like any good chemist, recommends one or more courses of action to combat the abnormality. They show the likely effect of each action. They recommend the action to take. 

Cut down your time to find answers. Optimize decision making.

Cognitive Automation in UC Performance Management

We want your business to run better.

Our technology is always on, and it doesn’t mind working harder, it wants to learn to adapt.

Switch on autopilot mode and let our UC performance management system do the flying. Your UC team will thank you for introducing a tool capable of automating routine tasks.

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