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IR Collaborate

Enterprise grade performance management for voice, video and collaboration ecosystems to simplify UC complexity.



IR Transact

Simplify the complexity of managing modern payments ecosystems and bring real-time visibility to your entire environment.



Contact Center

Ensure your voice quality, connection, and critical systems are problem-free so you can deliver a superior customer experience.



Real-time visibility across merchants

Deliver a smooth payments experience with real-time insight into transaction data.



IR Collaborate Live Demo [Dec 2020]

Live demo of IR Collaborate with a senior solutions engineer.


IR Transact Solution Demo

IR Transact Live Demo [Jan 2021]

Live demo of IR Transact with a senior solutions engineer.


Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams Experience Management Overview

Our Microsoft Teams experience management capabilities can help organizations transition to Teams, drive adoption and usage, and deliver a great experience.



Microsoft Teams - Part 1: Experience Overview

Explore the features of the Experience Overview dashboard which gives you a snapshot of Microsoft Teams performance at a glance.



Microsoft Teams - Part 2: Service Health

Take a deeper look at Service Health, which displays real-time data and insights into the health of the Microsoft environment.



Microsoft Teams - Part 3: Call Details and Endpoint Readiness

Part 3 explores how you can drill down into the details of a call or meeting, and look at endpoint readiness within your environment.


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Since its founding in 1932, KITO Corporation has built a relationship of trust with customers as a major manufacturer of material handling equipment that is indispensable for hoisting, transporting, and fixing luggage.

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University of Bristol and IR - redefining good

University of Bristol is one of the top universities in the UK, servicing over 20,000 students and almost 8,000 staff across 6 faculties and 25 different academic schools. With a major focus on ambition and innovation,...

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Politie Antwerpen and IR - moving to the digital workplace

Politie Antwerpen is biggest local police department in Belgium. Every day, they coordinate their 3000+ personnel to execute necessary police operations to keep the city of Antwerp safe.

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