Availability Testing with Prognosis HeartBeat™

From the moment your customer makes a call, all the way through to the information presented to the agent in a screen pop, your contact center must always perform smoothly and reliably – end to end.

By evaluating how Virtual Customer test calls are handled, HeartBeat provides you with confidence that your contact center interactions are working as they should be. It helps you meet your service level requirements, and gives you documented results so you can review and control monitoring activity.

Prognosis HeartBeat

Prognosis HeartBeat is a cloud-based testing service for outside-in contact center quality management.

How HeartBeat works

Whether it’s the interactions between customers and agents, or customers and self-service systems, availability and real time performance management with HeartBeat is vital for customer satisfaction and retention.

HeartBeat is an automated cloud-based testing service from IR Testing Solutions. You decide if it runs every hour, day or week to give you outside-in contact center quality information. It completely removes the need for manual testing while giving you comprehensive insight into the availability, performance and quality of service you’re delivering.

And you don’t need to purchase hardware or software; we test without adding any products to your infrastructure.

IR Testing Solutions works with you to define the Virtual Customer® (VC) test call scenarios that most effectively monitor the end-to-end performance of your contact center customer interactions from an outside-in perspective. Combinations of notifications and escalation methods provide a VC monitoring strategy that’s just right for your team, business model and contact center solution.

Our test equipment initiates real voice calls to access and interact with your system just as customers do through the public telephone network.

Following the test case you define you decide how frequently VC test calls occur - from one call per hour to continuous calling. If the response at a given step is unexpected or it takes longer than anticipated - the Virtual Customer process immediately notifies you via e-mail, phone, SMS message or page. This means your team can get straight on it, before your customers are affected.

Benefits of Testing

  • Review online test call results and recordings 

    Data from the VC test calls, including recordings of every call, are available via a secure Web site for a minimum of 7 days.

  • Control the notification process 

    The testing process identifies and tracks errors, logs results in a database and records every call. This helps development quickly identify and resolve issues.

  • Spend less time finding and fixing problems 

    Evaluate and optimize system performance and achieve fast problem resolution so you spend less time dealing with dissatisfied customers

  • Give your customers the service experience you planned for them

    Receive a weekly report documenting your solution’s availability. Use call history data to analyze trends and statistics and gain the insight you need to go home with confidence!


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