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The Importance of Cisco Network Monitoring

Dave Murphy

Written by Dave Murphy

Network monitoring as a discipline

There’s no doubt that enterprise networks are becoming more and more complex. Businesses both large and small, have dozens, if not thousands of employees and customers using internet-connected devices every day as part of their network.

Some network infrastructures can be massive, so it’s of utmost importance that your IT team maintains full control and understanding of the goings-on. Hence, the need for network monitoring tools to avoid sluggish systems, or worse still, the entire network crashing. The ripple effects of down time can be serious. Loss of productivity from even a short amount of time offline almost always translates to a negative effect on your bottom line.

For an IT professional, monitoring as a discipline couldn’t be more crucial. It ensures that your entire network, servers, applications, and so on are all secure and stable, and running at peak efficiency. And it’s not just about being alerted when a system has crashed (being reactive), it also means knowing when a system will crash, and being able to intervene to avoid it happening (being proactive). Efficient network monitoring means being able to see the asteroids coming, before slamming into them at warp speed.

Unified Communications (UC) performance management refers to the diagnostic tools used to monitor the components of their UC Collaboration (UCC) environment. These components include cloud infrastructure, endpoints, Session Border Controllers (SBC)s, routers, encryption and so on - to keep that environment working together and running as it should be.

Why Cisco network monitoring tools are vital to your business

Cisco, the world’s largest provider of networking equipment needs no introduction. Most organisations have at least some Cisco equipment on their network, if not all their devices. So, Cisco network monitoring tools are essential to keep watch on your equipment, monitor usage and create alerts and notifications when things aren’t functioning as they should.

Many Cisco devices have their own built in network monitoring, but many don’t have a local user interface. Some networks consist of thousands of people and devices, stretching across many physical sites, making effective network management a tough job.

Monitoring tools are important for more than just networks.

Your network is just one element of your UC ecosystem, and this is where monitoring tools come into their own.

  • Capacity planning: They can help with capacity planning, by indicating what paths and circuits are likely to become overloaded.
  • Troubleshooting: They can be used for creating analytics to help troubleshoot, by pinpointing the location and even sometimes the root cause of networking problems.
  • Security: Monitoring tools can even improve security by alerting admins to possible intruders after excessive failed login attempts. Or keeping users from accessing harmful sites accidentally.
  • Visibility: This refers to your network monitoring tool’s ability to see the complete path of data transfer on your network. Who has requested it, where it’s going and keeping track of it to avoid a critical error.

Prognosis - the network monitoring tools for the best user experience

61% of firms currently employ UC performance management toolsets offered by specialty providers (both single and multi-vendor). Our multi-vendor tool, Prognosis, currently captures the largest share of that market, at 24%.

Whether your environment is hybrid, on-premises, in the cloud, Prognosis for UC enables you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize complex UC environments with ease and deliver the best user experience possible.

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