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The end of Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics (PCA) has been the monitoring and diagnostics tool of choice for many users of Cisco Unified...

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Cisco Troubleshooting: Monitoring Cisco switches and routers

The business world, and indeed the world in general has become a smaller place. Unified Communications (UC) is the technology that has revolutionized...

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Third party vs Cisco Network Monitoring Tools

Technology is evolving fast, and Unified Communication (UC), supported by a fully functional, all encompassing network monitoring tool not only...

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The Importance of Cisco Network Monitoring

Network monitoring as a discipline

There’s no doubt that enterprise networks are becoming more and more complex. Businesses both large and small,...

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Moving the Dial with Cisco

Most large enterprises have Cisco products in one form or another. On their journey to transitioning from a traditional hardware outfit to a software, cloud and services provider, Cisco have developed an extensive product reach.

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Migrating UC to a Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution

Service Provider UC ecosystems are complex

Hybrid Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) environments, involving both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure, are increasingly prevalent, so the challenges for Service Providers (SPs) are growing. In fact, in a survey of over 1,000 global enterprise IT decision-makers, Broadsoft Inc. found that cloud-based solutions will continue to expand, becoming a growth point that cannot be...

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What is Cisco Webex Teams?

At the 2018 Collaboration Summit, Cisco announced the convergence of Cisco Spark and Webex to become Cisco Webex Teams, and will go into effect June 2018. This means Webex Teams is now the primary Cisco brand for cloud-based modern team collaboration, file sharing, screen sharing, white boarding, meetings and much more. 

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Managing the Cisco Upgrade Process

When it comes to the overall strategy of upgrading and moving collaboration architecture toward the cloud with Cisco, many organizations have decided that upgrading to Cisco's new flex licensing makes the most sense from a business value standpoint. This license allows a gradual transition to cloud-based components (e.g., Communication Manager) down the road for hybrid environments that still have many on-premise components.

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Chief UC Trends guiding Cisco

2017 has been a huge year for UC with a lot of change and disruption. One of the industry leaders entered into Chapter 11 which destabilized the market and created some concern. Microsoft Skype for Business continues to grow in market share and popularity and Cisco are evolving their collaboration offerings and license modeling to meet this pace of change.

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An Agile Advantage with Advanced Unified Communications & Collaboration

Business models are changing and technology is being used unlike ever before to disrupt existing marketplaces; transportation with Uber and Lyft, hotels with Airbnb, retail with Amazon, and music with Spotify and Pandora. Work is also more interconnected than ever—two out of three people say they have to collaborate with others more than in the past to get their job done and 62% of employees now carry three or more devices (e.g., laptop,...

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10 Compelling Reasons to Monitor Avaya's Unified Comms

Unified communication systems enable your workforce to carry out their jobs, talk to customers and suppliers and collaborate with their colleagues. To say it's important that your UC systems are always running properly is an understatement. It doesn't matter whether you use Avaya, Cisco, Skype for Business or others or whether you use a mixture of them, they still should always be working. Here are some compelling reasons why you should monitor...

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Retail Industry Changes Influenced by Unified Communications

Unified communications is influencing changes in many industries; banking, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more. It's a catalyst for digital transformation across many industries. In this blog, I look at three pillars of traditional retail and how they're impacted by unified communications.   

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Connected Healthcare of Tomorrow: Under the Microscope

Unified Communications is transforming many industries; manufacturing, banking, retail, healthcare and more. It could be argued, connected data is having the biggest changing impact on healthcare allowing remote consultations, guided operations and access to medical records anywhere, on any device.

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Unified Comms close Compliance & Security Gaps in Banking

Today's unified comms and collaboration tools are responsible for many banking transactions; over the phone renewals, online contracts, email confirmation receipts, general phone and internet banking to name a few. As such unified communications has come under scrutiny for its ability to enable banks to not only be compliant but also to support security concerns.

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How Real-time Collaboration is Slashing Manufacturing Time to Market

Although it might not seem like it at first glance, manufacturing is one of the most highly impacted industries when it comes to collaboration and UC. There are several components involved when it comes to developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting a product. Pertaining to design and manufacturing, I've seen examples where the design team is located in the US and the manufacturing team is in China. Once a prototype was designed, it had to...

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The Working World of 2017 Demands Agility and Easy Collaboration

If you look at business trends across the globe, you'll see no shortage of organizations getting disrupted by new business models. Taxi services are disrupted by Uber and Lyft, retail stores are disrupted by Amazon, music companies are disrupted by Pandora, and hotels are disrupted by Airbnb. For organizations to remain profitable in a landscape full of disruption, they need to become agile.

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Cisco + IR Deliver Mission Critical Communications

Connect with ConfidenceThe right UC solutions can ensure seamless work from home (WFH) collaboration, better CSAT/NPS scores, and powerful visibility...