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Excerpt: UC Optimization Guide - Q&A with Blair Pleasant

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Determining the Right UC Metrics to Measure

When managing a complex UC environment, a fundamental requirement is an overview of the current state of the complete ecosystem and an effective alerting system that identifies when issues are occurring, or ideally before they occur. This requires a dashboard that provides an end-to-end visual representation and drill-downs to aid fast troubleshooting.

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Reducing Risk in your Unified Comms Environment

There are no technologies in use that don't come with a certain level of risk. Unified communications are no different. On the contrary, one could argue unified comms technology is riskier than most because it's so crucial to everyday business activity. If you can't communicate – how can your business operate?

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Can Anyone Wear the Digital Transformation Cape?

Digital transformation doesn't just happen. It requires a concerted effort and people need time and space to work through it. While it might start as a side project serious transformationcanquickly snowball.

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Driving Successful Digital Transformation with UC

Digital Transformation (DX) as a trending phrase (and actual activity) is hotter than ever before, though the late 1990's mid-2000's saw their own share of talking heads waiving the DX banner. That said, the digitization of those times was largely applied to existing analog processes, and while analog-to-digital conversions can be incredibly powerful, calling that progression truly transformational is a bit of a stretch. We predicted that 2018...

Communications Blog • 7 MIN READ

UC Trends for 2018

The unified communications (UC) market made huge strides in 2017, with UC deployments powering the digital transformation initiatives within many modern enterprises, and radically improving the way that business professionals communicate. So what new innovations and developments can we expect for the coming year? Here are eight trends that will define the UC market in 2018.

Communications Blog • 7 MIN READ

Differences between Third Party and Vendor UC Monitoring &..

IT leaders rely on UC performance management tools for multiple functions: reporting, performance monitoring, analytics,problem resolution,...

Communications Blog • 3 MIN READ

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