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Working From Anywhere: How MSPs are Solving Challenges

The way we work has undergone a transformation that will last forever. Organizations are looking for ways to go from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ amidst a tsunami of disruptive change, including massive digital transformation.

CIOs and tech teams have experienced a huge shift in mandates, and are fast becoming the executors of strategy, rather than its shapers. Instead of focusing merely on technology, they are now partners in their organization’s transformation vision – but they can’t do it all.

Many are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to meet their shifting demands and to support innovation within organizations. Let’s explore how the role of MSPs are changing, and how add additional value that truly differentiates them from the competition.

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The growing need for MSP support

As the mandate expands for tech teams, and tech stacks become more complex, they can find themselves underprepared, highlighting the value of MSP partners.

The biggest priorities for organizations are innovation, improving Customer Experience (CX) and enhancing employee productivity and experience.

Customer-centric priorities

Rather than just delivering on just technology, CIOs and IT teams are becoming part of the ‘inner circle’ that helps to create what customers want.

Remote work and the acceleration of digital transformation has led to CIOs owning innovation on almost every level within their organization’s tech stack and playing an integral role in business processes and customer outcomes.

They will be looking for MSPs who objectives align with theirs, and can deliver on CX expectations.

Customer Centric

What organizations need help with most

There are five critical areas that organizations need to address if they are to create the market differentiation, they need to grow market share.

  1. Constant monitoring of network and device performance.
  2. Addressing every performance complaint in the UC environment (i.e. camera, voice, video, microphones, headsets, application performance etc).
  3. Regular update of business-critical applications accessible from remote locations.
  4. 24/7 tech support for employees as work hours become more flexible.
  5. Single dashboard monitoring and performance failure management.

Challenges facing MSPs

IT teams will increasingly rely on best-in-class services and innovative support from their MSPs.


Managing a multi-vendor environment

With multiple vendors and platforms in the UCC environment, on-premises, public cloud and private cloud solutions, MSPs will need to manage and monitor the performance of all applications in this complex setup.

Providing customers with a single point of visibility and management

There will be no room for silos and disparate management of endpoints and solutions. MSPs will need to offer a single point of interaction and visibility.

Ensuring effective management of SLAs

A UC collaboration stack is made up of voice, video, and cloud services all with multiple vendors and different SLAs. The various terms and services need effective management to ensure continuity and high levels of guarantee.

As the Work From Anywhere model continues to evolve, so too will the challenges of their customers, and this will require MSPs to have unique capabilities.

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