Rest assured with Prognosis Call Recording Assurance

Prognosis Call Recording Assurance (CRA) is the leading RegTech call recording compliance management solution.

Have confidence that you are meeting your call recording obligations and minimizing the risk of fines or penalties to your organization, while reducing costs and streamlining operations.


What Call Recording Assurance can do for you


Minimize risk and penalties

Have the confidence that your call recordings are meeting polices and requirements in real time, to minimize the exposure and risk of expensive litigation and regulatory penalties.


Streamline operations

Quickly and easily validate your call recording obligations with automated reporting on call quality, accurate alerting and end-to-end visibility, giving you a single independent source of truth for calls, recordings, archiving, and auditing.


Reduce costs

Fast, accurate troubleshooting and root-cause analysis allows you to avoid expensive outages, reduce mean-time-to-resolution, and accelerate problem investigation, saving time money and resources.


Have peace of mind

Ensure regulators are satisfied that the proper oversight is in place to prevent problems, resolve exposure quickly, and report problems quickly and accurately.


Time saving

Most of the time spent troubleshooting is on identifying the issue

200% ROI

Over 3 years, and typically recoup investment cost in 5 months


Increase in operation maturity in the ITISO maturity scale


Lower ongoing operational costs


Lower cost of UC&C implementation


Complex call flow support

Complex call flow support

Get a holistic cross-vendor view of the whole voice call lifecycle, from initial call quality and recording validation to long-term archiving.

Proactive monitoring and analysis

Proactive monitoring and analysis

Ensure your entire voice and recording ecosystem and policies are operating as designed and expected and quickly address any issues with proactive quality monitoring and immediate actionable notification of compliance breaches.

Fully automated call recording compliance validation

Fully automated call recording compliance validation

Have peace of mind that every call that should be recorded is recorded with proactive identification of voice and call recording issues and automated validation of t required user’s recordings for content, speech, audibility, and intelligibility.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Run comprehensive reports in minutes to identify depth and breadth of a breach.

Prognosis can support a number of platforms. Commonly supported platforms include: