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Improving Patient Experience and Care: The Impact of Unified Communications and Collaboration on Digital Healthcare

Written by David J. Danto


In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) play a crucial role in delivering excellent patient experience and quality care. This whitepaper explores UC&C's transformative impact on digital healthcare, especially amidst the rise of telehealth catalyzed by COVID-19.

With telehealth market reaching unprecedented heights, healthcare organizations are integrating advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence and complex UC&C setups to meet the rising demands of digital healthcare. Yet, success hinges on flawless UC&C operations, mandating proactive monitoring and optimization.

Access this whitepaper to discover how UC&C is revolutionizing digital health by:

  • Transformative influence of telehealth on healthcare communications
  • The rise in artificial intelligence (AI) in digital healthcare
  • Detrimental effects of UC&C deficiencies on patient experience and care
  • Indispensable necessity of rigorously testing and monitoring UC&C and contact centers
  • Harnessing UC&C to preempt risks and safeguard against reputational harm
  • Proactive UC&C monitoring as a frontline defense combating employee burnout

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