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IR Prognosis for Unified Communications

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Take control of your entire UC environment.

Once UC becomes an integral part of your business you can't wait for problems to strike before you take action. You need to be proactive and ready to solve problems for people, not just processes.

That's easy to say, but in reality it can be difficult and time consuming as you try to correlate events with real-time network and user activity. The complexity of this is compounded when multiple vendors' devices are involved.

But there is a solution. Prognosis powerful predictive analytics give you insight created from 25 years of real-world customer incidents. Fine-tuned conditions control what will trigger alerts, how often they'll be sent and who'll get them. This in-depth intelligence means you can quickly find the root cause of problems, and make rapid decisions about who's going to fix them.

Rediscover your UC environment.

As UC environments are complex and frequently dispersed, UC sessions are likely to traverse session border controllers (SBCs) put in place to control, route and authorize them.

To date you may have come to accept that the user experience can only be tracked to the SBC. Prognosis Voice Quality 360 is a game changer.

It tracks user sessions across SBCs to show the complete human-to-human picture, translating multiple vendors' devices' cryptic communications into a language that's easy for us to understand. This reduces the time and energy it takes to resolve problems.

Avoid outages that hurt your bottom line.

Prognosis predictive analytics help you quickly establish the root cause of problems, so you can take rapid corrective action. You can identify trends fast and take steps to stop problems in their tracks.

Groups of related components show you what's going on, and fast and easily-sharable dashboards provide the insight you need whether you're in the office or on the go.

These help you achieve faster and more focused cross-team collaboration as you can easily share information across teams and achieve more with fewer staff.

How will you benefit?

  • Gain a complete view across multiple technologies and locations
  • Resolve issues faster with fewer resources and less cost
  • Identify the cause, not just the symptoms
  • Minimize business disruption and improve the return on your technology investments
  • Roll out new technologies with confidence and champion user adoption
  • Obtain rapid ROI
  • Predict, prescribe and automate problem resolution

Get to your problems before they get to your customers.

Prognosis connects the dots and gives you a detailed history of past trends that trigger intelligent alerts so you can manage the full extent of issues.

You can follow the alerts' blueprint and take action fast by viewing all the elements involved, and the related diagnostic information.

Or you can let Prognosis prescribe recovery with predefined action paths for common system problems. You can even automate commands to run defined recovery procedures.

And because problem prediction, prescription and automation work seamlessly with Prognosis security, you always have control. Only the people and processes you authorize will have access to these autonomic actions.

Get back to normal faster.

After finding the needle in the haystack you've got ground to make up. Prognosis helps you reduce recovery time by validating subjective human measurements with objective ones to ensure you're going in the right direction. And you can still add value to the problem solving process even when you're not in the office or operations center.

Get secure mobile access.

Alerts come straight to your smart device from the iOS App Prognosis First Responder, so you can prioritize them on the go. You can notify your contacts or open a browser window and troubleshoot on the move.

Get the insight you need to make the right improvements.

Prognosis helps you plan accurately by building a picture of throughput, quality and capacity. Understanding current demands and future needs means you can manage the budget and tasks required for upgrades and minimize disruption to your business.

Resolve issues quickly through automation.

Prognosis is fully integrated into ServiceNow's automated IT service management, bringing UC environments to life. It populates asset, performance, quality and availability information into a single system of record.

Choose a cloud-delivery model to suit.

Prognosis offers the flexibility you need, on-premise, hybrid and cloud - there's a model to suit everyone's needs.

So no matter how complex, dispersed or sophisticated your UC environment, IR developments in prescriptive analytics and cognitive automation will ensure Prognosis stays at the leading edge of performance management innovation.

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