Skype for Business Network Assessment made easier with Prognosis UC Assessor

A new and innovative software-based solution for automated network testing and assessment for Skype for Business, without the need for network probes.

Skype for Business Network Assessment

Getting ready to migrate to or deploy Skype for Business?

Network quality and connectivity to the cloud are critical when implementing a modern Skype for Business solution leveraging the Office 365 cloud.

Prognosis UC Assessor is an automated network readiness assessment and testing solution for Skype for Business Online and on-premises. It helps you ensure a positive user experience for voice, video and application sharing across your LAN/WAN and up to the cloud. It gives you the ability to evaluate, troubleshoot and prepare your network for Skype for Business performance. Prognosis UC Assessor is aligned with Microsoft’s new Skype Operations Framework for successful planning, delivery and operation of any Skype for Business solution; cloud or on-premises.

Prognosis UC Assessor is a 100% software based solution so deployment is easy and getting started is quick.  It’ll start generating insights within minutes of installation from multiple sites within your environment, all aggregated into a single management and reporting console.

Prognosis UC Assessor is available in 2 editions:

UC Assessor Essentials:

  • Auto-detects the closest Skype for Business Online edge points to your sites.
  • Tests performance from multiple sites in your LAN/WAN with metrics including latency, jitter, packet-loss, and more.
  • Load tests with automated simulated Skype traffic to find problems in the network for voice, video, and desktop sharing.
  • Provides a graphical user experience of real-time assessment performance across all testing locations.
  • Identifies poor performing network segments across the internal private network, external public network and Microsoft network.
  • Displays hop-to-hop performance across the entire network path.
  • Aggregates assessment results data across sites in a centralized report and dataset. Sample summary report: download.

UC Assessor Advanced:

  • Delivers advanced troubleshooting and root cause analysis of the problems identified with the Essentials edition.
  • Provides ‘One-Click’ troubleshooting for each internal private network device with root cause analysis and prescriptive remediation guidance.
  • Enables site-to-site testing of premises and hybrid deployments with Skype for Business Server and Cloud Connector Edition.
  • Provides full detailed network health assessment report with specific analysis, performance and issues for each network device.

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