Prognosis for Unified Communications

Prognosis for Unified Communications

Comprehensive communications experience management for the best user experience possible.

Streamline IT operations and management of complex UC solutions across audio/video web meetings and calls, on-premises, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid environment.

Solution Overview



Top 5 reasons to use Prognosis for Unified Communications:

  • Reduce IT operations costs
  • Streamline management
  • Manage UC performance
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly
  • Optimize complex multi-vendor UC environments

On your UC Journey Prognosis is with you every step of the way

Unified Communications deployment

1. Build, Deploy, and Migrate

Maximize success in deployment, upgrades, and migration of critical Unified Communications solutions across your multi-vendor platform.

  • Take the headache out of UC deployment
  • Deploy and benefit from Prognosis quickly
  • Measure and manage quality and experience from one platform to another
  • Leverage a unified end-to-end solution
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Unified Communications optimization

2. Operate, Troubleshoot, and Optimize

Operate and troubleshoot your entire multi-vendor UC systems and environment with confidence, improve IT efficiency, and earn users’ trust with a high quality experience.

  • Avoid outages that hurt your bottom line
  • Be notified of quality issues before they happen
  • Troubleshoot problems as they happen in real time
  • Automate the day-to-day
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Unified Communications usage and roi

3. Maximize Usage and ROI

Delight end-users with a great UC experience to improve productivity and maximize ROI through adoption, usage, and user satisfaction.

  • Respond to helpdesk issues quickly 
  • Analyze and understand organizational usage
  • Enable collaboration, productivity, innovation and workforce transformation
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Customer Success

Prudential Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"It’s key for us to be able to look beyond the call itself so I know without doubt whether the issue is inside or outside our network."

UC CASE STUDY: How Prudential Avoided UC Outages >

NACR Video - Prognosis for Unified Communications

NACR’s reputation has always been good, but now with Prognosis they are known as a company who can fix problems – fast.

NACR Video: Together NACR & IR deliver increased customer value >

Acxiom Logo

"Prognosis has “saved the day” for us. Using Prognosis, we were able to identify differences in VoIP routing between two different offices and make the appropriate changes so they functioned the same."

Tony Calkins, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Acxiom Corporation

Cegedim Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"Prognosis helps me ensure my environment performs at peak, while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the support teams." Dan Maniu, Sr. Telecom Manager, Cegedim
Prognosis fixes Cegedim voice quality problems >

Eze Castle

Eze Castle Integration will use Prognosis’ advanced performance management, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities to support their outsourcing services  - read more

Prognosis helped us ensure our network was ready and is continuously optimized for our Skype for business services

Handicall logo

 Prognosis for UC provides us the insight and capabilities to manage our quality of communications ecosystems

HCL Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

HCL Technologies needed to find a way to efficiently manage their complex unified communications environment.

Prognosis delivers UC troubleshooting, reporting and service level measurement for HCL >

IGT Logo

IGT improved the efficiency of business processes and achieved consistently better call quality by deploying Prognosis.

Anmol Sharma, Senior IT Manager, IGT

IP Integration Logo

“Without Prognosis we would be struggling to deliver the higher end service that we need to provide.”

Neil Boxer, Chief Technology Officer, IP Integration Ltd.

Memorial Health System

Prognosis for UC provides the QoS, capacity planning, inventory and contact center visibility required


“As a technician, Prognosis gives me a better view into our data network and the impact it has on our VoIP users.” Bill Goodwin, Telecommunications Technician III, Maricopa Integrated Health System


"The excellent performance management functionality of Prognosis which goes beyond traditional monitoring is fantastic. It helps us to identify system flaws in our Avaya based Unified Communications Eco System much faster and improve customer satisfaction internally and external."

Norbert Haunschild, Head of Middleware Network & Security Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG

Sheffield University

We required a solution to monitor voice quality monitoring across ever expanding campus which enabled us to troubleshoot proactively.

TD Bank Video - Prognosis for Unified Communications

“We are looking to pull in more information so we can monitor our environment much more effectively. We saw how Prognosis drills down on specific applications specifically for our group for UC communications.” David Cooke TD Bank

T-Systems Logo

“Prognosis provides a wide range of functions. Muli-Vendor and System Support. High flexibility with respect to functions and uses.”

Carsten Hegemann, Engineer, T-Systems

Wipro - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"Wipro needed a performance management system that would give them the ability to optimize their client’s Cisco IP telephony system, across an evolving global marketplace."

World Travel Holdings Logo

Prognosis allows us to pinpoint specific problem areas and get them resolved quickly. Real time email alerts keep us informed of issues as they happen, keeping the guess work out of the research. Erik Stallings, End User Support Manager, World Travel Holdings

Unified Communications Management Solution

Take control of your entire UC environment.

What you need is a single viewpoint with business intelligence and tools at your fingertips to analyze problems.

That means you can identify trends faster and take action to stop problems before they happen. Or establish the root cause of existing problems to fix them permanently, instead of repeatedly dealing with the symptoms.

That’s exactly what IR Prognosis delivers. It collects information from multiple UC endpoints and technologies, translating their cryptic communications into a language that’s easy for us to understand.

End to End Network Visibility >

Take the headache out of managing multi-platform environments.

Multi-Vendor UC environments One dashboard gives you a complete view of your UC ecosystem no matter which vendors’ platforms you have. Faster and more focused cross-team collaboration means you can easily share your data across teams and achieve more with fewer staff. Quickly find the root cause and the owner of the problem.

Multi-Vendor Management >

Avoid outages that hurt your bottom line.

Managing the performance, capacity and availability of UC means you can prevent interruptions to the delivery of normal services.

How to Avoid Expensive Outages >

Get to your problems before they get to your customers.

When it comes to responding to issues, every second counts. Now you can diagnose symptoms before they become problems. A detailed history of past trends and events means you can spot patterns and avoid repeat failures.

Faster Resolution Times >

Get secure mobile access.

Alerts come straight to your smart device from the iOS App Prognosis First Responder, so you can prioritize them on the go. You can notify your contacts or open a browser window and troubleshoot on the move.

Get the insight you need to make the right improvements.

Understanding current demands and future needs t means you can manage the budget and tasks required for upgrades and minimize disruption to the business.

Real-time Analytics >

A cloud-delivery model to suit everyone.

IR Prognosis offers the flexibility you need. On site, hosted or in the cloud as subscription-based service, there is a model to suit everyone’s needs.

Let Prognosis automate the day-to-day.

Resolve issues quickly through automation. IR Prognosis is fully integrated into ServiceNow’s automated IT service management. Intelligent alerts help you understand the full extent of issues whilst IR developments in prescriptive analytics and cognitive automation will ensure IR Prognosis stays at the leading edge of performance management innovation.

Service Automation >