How reliable is your call recording solution?

Ensure your call recordings are meeting polices and requirements in real time

Whether for regulatory reasons or to mitigate risk within your organization, it’s critical that required call recording systems are reliable, high-quality and compliant.


Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Build confidence and trust between your organization, regulators and customers by ensuring your call recordings are meeting polices and requirements in real time, to minimize the exposure and risk of expensive litigation and regulatory penalties.

Simplify management and oversight

Simplify management and oversight

Make managing and administering complex call recording solutions easier and ensure reliability and quality recordings.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Managing compliance can be expensive and complex. Save time money and resources with fast, accurate troubleshooting and root-cause analysis, resolution, and reporting.

Deliver end user satisfaction

Avoid outages and degradation

Fast troubleshooting and real-time alerts allow you to quickly avoid or minimize expensive outages and degradations, reducing the compliance impact and risk.


Time saving

Most of the time spent troubleshooting is on identifying the issue


Lower UCC operational costs


Increase in employee productivity

Proactive vs. Reactive

Avoid downtime and outages

Improve your Prognosis

Deliver a better customer experience, maximize efficiencies and optimize systems with our suite of performance management solutions for Call Recording Management and Compliance.

Call Recording Assurance

Prognosis Call Recording Assurance (CRA) is the leading RegTech call recording compliance management solution. Have confidence that you are meeting your call recording obligations and minimizing the risk of fines or penalties to your organization, while reducing costs and streamlining operations.

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Prognosis for Contact Center

Prognosis for Contact Center is a complete experience management solution, ensuring quality conversations and customer experiences with your organization.

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Prognosis StressTest

Prognosis StressTest is a cloud-based testing service that can help you manage, tune and verify unified communications (UC) and contact center performance.

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Prognosis Heartbeat

Prognosis HeartBeat is an automated cloud-based testing service that gives you comprehensive insights into the availability, performance and quality of service you’re delivering.

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Prognosis can support a number of platforms. Commonly supported platforms include: