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RemoteInsight: Creating great remote working experiences

Remote or hybrid working models continue to grow and evolve for many global organizations.

The flexibility of the modern workplace means that employees could be working from anywhere – at home, the office, a café, abroad – and their location could be different from one day to the next. Additionally, your IT team could be concentrated in one location, while your workforce is very geographically dispersed.

While this flexibility is a good thing, the problem is many organizations are finding it challenging deploying the right tools to provide the level of insight they need to identify and resolve performance issues for remote users. Many experience management solutions can detect if there is a problem, but not exactly where and what the problem is, why it's occurring, or how to fix it.

Deeper insight means a faster solution

When a remote user reports a technical issue, the greatest difficulty is being able to collect the right information from the user’s perspective to properly analyze and resolve it.

If a user cannot establish a remote connection, or scheduling a troubleshooting session is difficult, then resolving the problem is almost impossible without a site visit.

Additionally, if the remote user’s computer doesn’t have the right troubleshooting toolset, it severely limits the ability to find and resolve the problem, because ‘ping’ and ‘traceroute’ can only identify a few problems.

Here are ten of the most frequent technical issues in remote working environments:

  1. An unstable internet connection
  2. Video conferencing visual and audio issues
  3. Slow or sluggish device or application performance
  4. Unstable or slow performance during video calls
  5. Email syncing problems
  6. Internet and VPN connections dropping out
  7. Instability opening documents and files
  8. Password management difficulties
  9. Inability to access cloud files
  10. Being locked out of company websites and tools

RemoteInsight: Creating great experiences for every user

This is where RemoteInsight, the most comprehensive digital experience management solution on the market, becomes an enterprise organization’s most valuable tool.

RemoteInsight is part of our Collaborate suite of experience management solutions that delivers true end-to-end observability for remote locations. It empowers businesses to view and address performance issues that could otherwise derail employee and customer experiences, resulting in the loss of valuable time, money, and resources.

RemoteInsight has been designed specifically as a remote digital experience management solution that enables organizations to get deeper insight into any performance issues experienced by users, no matter what their location.

This extensive level of insight goes beyond detecting if a remote user is experiencing a problem and can tell you what the problem is, troubleshoot the specific fault and provide a resolution.

It can pinpoint the exact source of these issues, as well as providing insight into 22 critical performance metrics, including the performance of a remote user's computer health, ISP performance, home network, firewalls and more.

So, what can RemoteInsight actually do?

Remote client testing

Issues with network connectivity, and diagnosing the problem can be challenging, especially if you can't schedule or set up a remote session with the user.

RemoteInsight collects all the information needed to remotely diagnose a problem with a user's home network. This includes:

  • System tests
  • Network tests
  • WiFi signal strength
  • Neighborhood channel use
  • Firewall performance
  • ISP link bottlenecks
  • Split-tunneling misconfigurations
  • Web page fetch issues
  • Website performance waterfall tests

The results are compiled and a notification is sent out that the data is ready to be analyzed, with all the info required to diagnose the problem at your fingertips.

Remote wireless signal strength test

The wireless signal strength test shows the user’s connected SSID name, radio type, frequency, channel usage, as well as input/output rate. RSSI dBm is shown over time so the user can walk around and do a signal strength mapping of their house to determine where their signal strength is strongest vs weakest.

Remote wireless SSID report

For many users working remotely, their immediate neighborhoods are filled with many different kinds of wireless signals. Channel conflicts can create significant packet loss even when signal strength is strong. This report shows all of the neighborhood SSIDs, their radio types, signal strengths, and channels used to help improve the wireless environment.

Remote end-to-end test

The end-to-end test will evaluate packet stability for VoIP/UC to a specified endpoint. You can see latency, jitter, loss, out-of-order, and MOS. Additionally, you can track CPU utilization, free RAM, and network IO to help spot problems.

Remote system information report

This report shows all of the internal information about the operating system and configuration of the computer or device.

Remote UDP firewall test

This test determines if User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets are being blocked for a specified port on the way to a specific destination.

And much, much more.

The most valuable tool for every enterprise

IT performance management solutions play a vital role in supporting the seamless productivity, connectivity, and security of remote workers and a remote work environment.

To this end, businesses are no longer viewing infrastructure and collaboration management tools as ‘nice-to-have’. They’re realizing that they need to ensure their evolving IT ecosystems are easy to manage, configure and optimize from a single location.

In today’s hybrid working environment, RemoteInsight is a valuable tool that no enterprise organization can afford to be without. It provides organizations with unparalleled ear-to-ear visibility, and adds another layer of detail to the Collaborate solution suite to help our customers navigate the evolving challenges of the hybrid workplace.

To find out more about how RemoteInsight can deliver deep remote user insights, help solve problems from anywhere, and create a great experience for every user, contact our team today.

Want to learn more? Register for our upcoming webinar on remote experience management.

The Future of Remote workforce Management


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