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Ensure a smooth transition from Cisco PCA with IR Collaborate

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics (PCA) has been the monitoring and diagnostics tool of choice for many organizations using Cisco products.

When we announced the end-of-life timeline for Cisco’s PCA tool in early 2021, it seemed like there was plenty of time to think about your replacement solution.

But time moves fast! Cisco PCA is now all but retired and from 31st October, 2024, there will be no further support services, and the product becomes officially obsolete.

The need to migrate and utilize another collaboration management and analytics solution is now critical.

As a Number 1 Cisco Solutions Plus partner for many years, IR and Cisco have worked together to simplify the control and management of collaboration assets using IR Collaborate’s suite of performance management and monitoring solutions.

IR Collaborate, powered by Prognosis, offers real-time UC assurance, performance management, and analytics of voice, video, collaboration, and contact center environments across multi-vendor UC platforms.

In our recent webinar, we discuss everything you need to know about monitoring, elevating and troubleshooting your Cisco unified communications and collaboration ecosystem.

Watch the webinar here


A smooth transition with IR Collaborate

With Cisco PCA taking its final curtain call in just a few short months, it’s time to get serious about the implementation of your Cisco support solution. IR Collaborate provides intelligence about every aspect of your UCC environment. This includes quality issues and usage patterns to allow for better analysis.

To help you embark on a seamless transition, our webinar explores how IR Collaborate not only bridges gaps in your UCC ecosystem, but how we can enhance your entire UCC experience.

With 18 years of unwavering partnership with Cisco, transitioning to IR Collaborate provides a solution that goes beyond filling the void, and amplifies your collaboration experiences.

IR Collaborate offers unparalleled visibility and control in monitoring, troubleshooting inside and outside your Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration ecosystems, providing deep insights from a single pane of glass.


Why IR Collaborate?

Apart from our close association and familiarity with Cisco systems for many years, the value of transitioning to IR Collaborate is multi-fold.

  • Customers who use IR Collaborate experience almost a 50% lower rate of outages. This is because alerts are triggered immediately when your system becomes unstable, letting you know when something is about to occur – allowing you to resolve the issue before it becomes a full-blown problem.
  • In turn this allows 50% faster incident resolution, alleviating the need to go through logs and search for the specific source of the problem. IR Collaborate enables a deep and exact diagnosis, available to see from one location.
  • As a result of this, there is a significant impact on UC operating costs. In fact, organizations can experience up to 43% cost reductions due to less downtime and fewer outages.

As UC environments become more complex, with multi-vendor apps, BYO devices, and scattered locations, IR Collaborate is the solution you need to corral all this complexity, allowing complete visibility and ease of management from a single pane of glass.

IR Collaborate’s solution architecture aggregates all the performance data received, creating customizable, individual dashboards from which to view it. These dashboards can show you anything you need to know:

  • Remote users – can help you ensure remote worker quality
  • User experience – can drill deep into individual network metrics
  • Comprehensive visibility – shows you all users, no matter where they’re located
  • Infrastructure overview – shows the health and performance of all infrastructure devices that could impact user experience
  • Connectivity – shows gateways, SBCs, network and every other aspect of your systems


IR Collaborate also provides real time alerts, for example showing system degradation which can be addressed before an outage occurs. We provide full flexibility, so that you can create your own specific dashboards.

Some of the most difficult issues to address are intermittent, i.e. problems that occur on and off. Collaborate can also address this by conducting root cause analysis, establishing possible patterns in these issues, allowing you to take preventative action.


Cisco Prime’s end-of-support is looming, and without an alternative solution in place, users face a significant gap in their on-prem, cloud or hybrid cloud communication environments. So don’t let it disrupt your business.

Whether your UCC environment is solely Cisco or multi-vendor, IR Collaborate can help you transition from Cisco PCA painlessly and provide multiple ways to achieve full visibility – in real time.

Contact our team to find out how to make the transition from Cisco PCA as smooth as possible with IR Collaborate.

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