Service Providers

Carrier-grade Solution

Stay up and running 24 x 7 with real time and in-depth visibility into your customers’ networks.

A Carrier-Grade Solution for Unified Communications, Voice Services

As a service provider for your customers’ UC networks it’s critical that you can achieve and maintain your service level agreements. New customers are hard to find and negotiations can drag on forever. With demand following demand – all you need at a time like this is for your voice services to falter -some days it feels like you’re on a knife’s edge and the smallest problem can result in catastrophe.

Well it doesn’t have to be like this, because a carrier-grade solution to keep your unified communications service delivery running smoothly is exactly what Prognosis was designed for. Prognosis is a carrier-grade solution, that actually works and takes away the stress and worry involved with keeping your day-to-day operations running.

How can Prognosis optimize unified communications for service providers?

Prognosis helps by giving you the ability to reduce troubleshooting time, optimize voice infrastructure capacity, create voice and data team efficiencies and manage regulation and compliance:

  • Alarm notifications: Customized alarms notify you immediately thresholds are breached.
  • Diagnostic metrics: Dig down deep into your infrastructure and pull up thousands of diagnostics to identify and resolve voice service problems on the fly.
  • Scalable: Highly scalable with integrated into your existing architecture.
  • Customer service: Ensures you meet all service level agreements.
  • Systems administration: Real time and historical data allows for proactive capacity planning.
  • SP sales and marketing: Create tiered customer service level agreements.
  • Cloud delivery: Fully mobile and accessible on any mobile device.

Prognosis gives service providers real time, in-depth visibility into your entire unified communications network with the power to monitor, manage and resolve problems proactively.