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The State of Electronic and Mobile Payments

As the payments market evolves, we continue to see momentum with electronic and mobile payments, although the growth in this area is beginning to slow somewhat. While we look at these trends it's important to understand how they're impacted by different geographies with different regulatory requirements and economic conditions.

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Real-time Payments Analytics - Prediction

In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed how real-time analytics are used to analyze past performance. Prediction involves taking the insight you get by looking at historical data and working out what's going to happen over time. Instead of just looking at whether or not something that's currently happening is normal, we can take a peek hours or even days into the future.

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Preventing Fraud with Real-Time Payments

The risk of fraud increases as real-time payments gain widespread adoption. Once you move over to a real-time model, there's typically only a six-second window to decide if a transaction will be authorized. Since there's such a short amount of time to come to a decision, fraud rules can't be overly complex. There's a prime opportunity for us to find new ways to streamline fraud analytics and make them more efficient.

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Potholes and repairs; it's not just highways that suffer..

I have spent time on the east coast and as in the past, there was something new to observe daily. The conditions of America's highways are atrocious and will be theme of posts published elsewhere shortly. Not only has it become indistinguishable as to whether roads are under repair or simply abandoned, but drivers have become numb to the inconvenience they experience. With so many people asking me why we drive the SUVs and trucks the answer is...

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Mobility and the Idea Economy

My latest white paper is now available on the IR web site. It's called Smarter devices; smarter applications; smarter monitoring. The focus of this white paper is the impact mobility is having on many aspects of commerce and how the consumer is in the driver's seat. When it comes to how the infrastructure from the networks, to the servers, to the databases it is being impacted by mobility so much so that it has reversed the way IT perceives...

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Kick-off draws a bigger field; shifting gears at an..

Readers of my blogs know all too well that there's not much I enjoy doing more than driving cars on race tracks. On more than one occasion I have worked something about cars into the story line of my business blogs, as I believe visualizing something dynamic goes a long way to reinforce simple messages.

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Delivering a Great Payments Experience [podcast]

Ever dined out and wanted to split the check, only to be told 'no split bills'? The service may have been great, the food exceptional and yet with this lack of flexibility when it comes to settling the bill, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth. In this podcast we discuss the ability for payments processors to be able to delight the customer while making life easier for all concerned, including the restaurateur or retailer.

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Death of the Credit Card Number

I remember when I got my first credit card. It had raised numbers that were meant to be used with a little machine called a manual credit card imprinter. To use the machine, merchants would place the customer's card underneath a piece of carbon paper. A manual slider would then make a click-clack noise as it pressed the raised credit card number into the paper. I haven't seen one of those machines in a long time. They're mostly used as backups...

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