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Is SEPA's Initiative for Instant Payments a Disruptive..

The Single Euro Payments Area has historically been a method of transferring payments between countries that use the Euro. Now it's attempting to evolve with a new initiative called 'instant payments'. As the name implies, it's a way of transferring funds almost immediately. For example, let's say that I wanted to send you some money. After initiating a transaction, the funds would appear in your account within a matter of seconds. This kind of...

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Are Person-to-Person Payments on the Verge of Taking Off?

Right now, we make an average of 54 person-to-person payments every year. If you consider the number of times you go to buy a cup of coffee in the morning or make a trip to the grocery store, 54 payments doesn't seem like much. Why do we make so few person-to-person payments? If you think about how inconvenient a person-to-person payment is compared to just walking into a store and swiping your card, it quickly becomes evident why there's such a...

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Monitoring Payments in High Volume Environments

Scale is probably the biggest challenge that banks face when monitoring payments in a high volume environment. The typical bank has a large number of payment applications. Payments can come from ATM transactions, store purchases, or direct deposits for payroll. When an employer generates payroll, a batch file of transactions comes through to be paid into several accounts. As they flow through the system, they might have to go through multiple...

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Could the digital card save your wallet?

Hands up anyone whose wallet or purse, is straining to contain the ever increasing number of cards we struggle to carry around? For all the advances in FinTech, we are still left with a multitude of cards to carry. Well, strain no longer, because digital cards are seeking to solve this problem by consolidating all your credit cards into a single physical card.

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Minimizing Fraud with Real-time Payments

As payments processing continues to move toward real-time settlement, what does this mean for fraud prevention? Do the smaller approval windows mean the attack surface for fraudsters grows? And how can processors tackle this challenge? We discuss this, and more, in the latest FinTech Podcast with John Dunne.

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The case of the DLL that couldn't be relocated

The case encountered

When adding FIPS 140-2 compliance to our Windows software, we encountered an intermittent error:

This error happened randomly on various different machines. Once it happened on a particular machine, it would keep happening on that machine until rebooting. It then went back to being random.

We eventually found that this is because of a DLL that couldn't be relocated.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Amazon steps up in the battle for online payments

Amazon is stepping up in the battle for your digital wallet. In this post to the FinTech podcast, John Dunne shares his thoughts on what this means to the consumer, the market and other players.

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How real-time payment technology is delivering better..

Peer to peer payments may be new to some people, but it's a payment option that has a bright future. John Dunne, Vice President of Products with IR joins us to talk about it in this post to the FinTech podcast.


Scott: Peer to peer payments may be new to some people, but it's a payment option that has a bright future. John Dunne, Vice President of Products with IR joins us to talk about it. John, what's the current status of peer to...

Payments Blog • 6 MIN READ

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