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Sibos 2022: progressive finance for a changing world

IR recently joined its long-time partner ACI at the 2022 Sibos Conference in Amsterdam.

Sibos brought together more than 10,000 leading members of the global finance community. We gathered to recognize the need to embrace digital transformation and successfully navigate new risks in the industry.

What was the focus this year?

Sibos 2022 focused on ‘Progressive finance for a changing world’, with over 250 of the worlds leading experts in banking, payments, securities services, software and technology vendors, and foreign exchange debating major industry topics. These included.

Embracing the digital landscape and technological opportunities

While new risks continue to emerge in uncertain times, so too do new opportunities for financial services providers and their partners to lead the way in technological innovation and drive positive global change.

Innovation was a key topic explored by speakers and participants, particularly around AI machine learning, big data and privacy enhancing technologies to deliver operational efficiencies and an enhanced service offering for customers.

Succeeding in uncertain times

Another key area discussed was financial services providers continuing to adjust to geopolitical, regulatory, and cybersecurity risks in this fast-paced and digital age. Speakers debated how organizations can overcome challenges they face and modernize their business models to best succeed in these uncertain times.

IR and ACI

IR and real time payments software provider, ACI have had a two-decade partnership, which has recently been extended to include end-to-end enterprise transaction monitoring.

Part of the ACI Enterprise Payments Platform, ACI Payments Monitoring, powered by IR Transact provides banks and financial institutions with visibility into the health of their systems and the status of payments in real time. The monitoring solution covers high and low value real-time payments, as well as card payments.

More about Sibos

Sibos is organized and facilitated by Swift, the global provider of secure financial messaging services. The annual conference and exhibition connects thousands of executives, decision makers and thought leaders from across the industry.

Sibos 2023 will be held next September in Toronto.

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