Are you making a good impression on your customers?

Find and fix problems quickly in Contact Center and enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration environments

In an increasingly digital and automated world, contact centers are often the few human interactions your customers will have with your business. Ensure your voice quality, connection, availability, and critical systems are problem-free so you can deliver a quality customer service and maximize your bottom line.

Expand your visibility

Ensure Optimal Service

Don’t let poor performance negatively impact customer experience or brand reputation. Real-time, outside-in visibility helps ensure your services and systems are working optimally before you can see them internally.

Handle high traffic with ease

Load test to avoid downtime

Ensure your systems can handle the stress of full and peak load scenarios before you and your customers discover they can’t.

Reduce risk and ensure customer satisfaction

Outside-in automated testing

Ensure the experience your customers have with your organization is the one you intended with automated testing service from the outside-in.

Deploy new technology with confidence

Boost user experience

Any change to your organization’s infrastructure can impact end user experience and your reputation. Make sure that impact is a positive one and give your new technology deployments the best chance of success.


Time saving

Most of the time spent troubleshooting is on identifying the issue


Lower UCC operational costs


Increase in employee productivity

Proactive vs. Reactive

Avoid downtime and outages

Customer Experience Validation and Testing Solutions helped identify issues with SIP trunks, Quality of Service (QoS), coding and more

Introducing something new can always cause a little uncertainty.

So as Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) No. 1 worked to deploy a new IVR system, staff knew it must ensure its 350,000 customers could continue easily making contact using the new platform.

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Snohomish County

The testing helped us identify issues with SIP trunks, Quality of Service (QoS), coding and more.

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Kristi Stirling

Senior Project Manager

Snohomish County

IR provides real-time reporting during the testing which helped our technical teams understand the user experience.

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Kristi Stirling

Senior Project Manager

Snohomish County

IR Testing Solutions has been a crucial element in helping identify issues before they impacted our customers.

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Kristi Stirling

Senior Project Manager

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Prognosis can support a number of platforms. Commonly supported platforms include: