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IR Collaborate Zooms into App Marketplace

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News • 24 Feb 2021

Introducing EQ360: Delivering quality experiences

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News • 18 Mar 2021

Zooming forward - IR announces support for Zoom

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News • 18 Dec 2020

A holiday message from the IR Tribe

A message from John Ruthven, CEO, IR

News • 17 Dec 2020

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Team up - IR launches support for Microsoft Teams

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News • 22 Oct 2020

IR launches new solution brands

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News • 20 Oct 2020

Endpoint Accountability: Monitoring Your UC Devices

Anyone in business knows that customers and clients, not to mention busy department heads can be ruthlessly unforgiving when it comes to bad communication experiences.

News • 29 Sep 2020

Simplified UCaaS management demands real-time intelligence

Flexibility is the priority for organisations that are deploying unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS) but...

News • 26 Aug 2020

When time is money, every second counts: Accelerate Data to..

Sydney, June 24, 2020 – IR, the leading global provider of experience management solutions for critical IT...

News • 24 Jun 2020

Many of our experienced staff have been selected to participate in industry panels and are recognized as experts in their field. IR staff are always available to media and analysts for comment and interview.

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