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IR Launches the Future of Remote Workforce Management – RemoteInsight

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  • The solution enables organizations with unparalleled ear-to-ear visibility for the end user and control over their network infrastructure. 

Sydney, January 31, 2024 – IR (ASX:IRI), a leading provider of global performance management and analytics for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), today launched RemoteInsight to provide organizations with a deeper level of insight into performance issues experienced by their remote users in an evolving hybrid landscape.

 Remote or hybrid working continues to be the norm for many organizations globally. To support this, companies are investing a lot in remote work infrastructure and collaboration tools to ensure an optimal remote worker experience. Yet many organizations find it challenging to get the level of insight they need to resolve performance issues for users outside the corporate office.

 RemoteInsight is a digital experience management solution that delivers true end-to-end observability for remote locations. It empowers organizations to address performance issues and create great employee and customer experiences.

 “The ongoing growth in remote and hybrid work requires seamless connectivity to be successful. According to Gartner[1], 39% of global knowledge workers would have worked hybrid by the end of 2023, up from 37% in 2022. Many experience management solutions can detect if there is a problem, but not what the problem is, why it's occurring or how to fix it. This is where RemoteInsight comes in,” said John Ruthven, CEO and Managing Director, IR.

 “RemoteInsight is our commitment to provide businesses with the tools to thrive in this digital age. The product is designed to enable organizations to maintain peak performance of their networks without violating the user’s privacy or security. We want to ensure optimal user experience and productivity no matter where the user is, each time and every time.”

RemoteInsight is the most comprehensive digital experience management solution in the market. It can provide insight into 22 critical performance metrics, including the performance of a remote user's computer health, ISP performance, home network, firewalls and more.

 Available as part of the Collaborate suite of solutions, RemoteInsight will empower contact centers, telehealth & telemedicine companies and enterprise organizations with remote workers to have bulletproof interactions and an immediate resolution to any issues during a call.

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