IR Prognosis for Infrastructure to Support HP Integrity NonStop X Platform

Immediate X86 Architecture Support Confirms IR’s Commitment to Customers Who Rely on HP’s Fault-Tolerant Systems

December 04, 2014, Sydney, Australia – IR, the leading global provider of proactive performance management software for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems, today announced immediate support for the HP Integrity NonStop X platform in its globally adopted real-time performance management solution, Prognosis for Infrastructure.

Prognosis has been the performance management solution of choice for many of the largest organizations in the world since it was first released in 1988. Providing real-time management of fault-tolerant systems, Prognosis has been ensuring that business-critical computer systems and applications running on HP NonStop server architecture have operated reliably by helping to spot patterns in the data so that problems can be stopped in their tracks.

At this week’s HP Discover 2014 event in Barcelona, HP announced that it expects to release the x86 architecture version of the 100 percent fault-tolerant HP NonStop solution in March 2015. As an HP AllianceOne Partner, IR has committed R&D resources to support HP as it brings fault-tolerant HP NonStop solutions to the x86 architecture, in the form of the HP Integrity NonStop X. Prognosis for Infrastructure is available for deployment now on HP Integrity NonStop X, for beta customers and early adopters.

Prognosis provides a seamless transition from the traditional HP NonStop servers to the new x86 technology, by providing the same real-time visibility into the HP NonStop system, middleware, applications and network, including new Infiniband interconnect, regardless of the underlying architecture. Using Prognosis you can Identify trends in real time and take action as well as see an entire technology environment from one point of view. Benefits include predicting capacity overloads before the cracks start to show. 

Prognosis alerts IT teams when system, user, application and process loads are approaching thresholds. They won’t have to search for knock on effects, because Prognosis automatically gives them this information and takes IT staff directly to the appropriate dashboard so that the problem can be visualized and a fix put in place without delay. Even better, Prognosis can escalate the issue if the recipients of the alert notifications do not respond. This means that warnings are not ignored, but are acted upon as soon as possible. Prognosis can even take corrective action to rectify the problem, notify the IT team and report on the outcome.

“In today’s global marketplace, being reactive isn’t going to keep your systems running,” said Darc Rasmussen Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. “You also need to have the operational insight to be proactive. As customers take advantage of the continued scalability, performance, and security of the NonStop platform, Prognosis will ensure that service levels continue to be met. By giving you the data, metrics and insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently, Prognosis enables you to make proactive operational and business decisions with ease, and is designed to grow effortlessly with your business.”

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IR is the corporate brand name of Integrated Research Limited (ASX:IRI), the leading global provider of proactive performance management software for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems. More than 1000 organizations in over 60 countries—including some of the world’s largest banks, airlines and telecommunication companies rely on IR Prognosis to provide business critical insights and ensure continuity-critical systems deliver high availability and performance for millions of their customers across the globe. For further information on IR, visit

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