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Business Insight: revolutionizing NonStop performance monitoring

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A with our customers to discuss IR’s latest Infrastructure product feature – Business Insight.

With a focus on HPE NonStop server infrastructure, Business Insight offers enhanced automated reporting capabilities.

In this blog, I’ll highlight challenges faced by customers, and the features and benefits of Business Insight specifically designed to address these challenges.

Understanding customer challenges

At IR, we’ve heard from customers on a number of commonly faced challenges in the payments industry, including:

  • the rapidly evolving payments landscape
  • the surge in transaction volumes due to increased electronic payments
  • integrating new payment types and services
  • keeping up with technology changes
  • monetizing payment data
  • ongoing system maintenance
  • shortage of NonStop knowledgeable employees
  • pressure to adopt enterprise monitoring tools.

During the Q&A, I emphasized that IR Infrastructure's Business Insight feature could help address these challenges by providing automation, visibility, and sharing of knowledge within organizations.

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Introducing Business Insight

Business Insight uses the SQL server stack and provides automated reporting on key NonStop performance metrics and trends.

It allows comprehensive coverage of NonStop deployments, regardless of the number of servers involved. Reports can be scheduled and delivered in various formats, including PDF and Excel, to chosen stakeholders.

The feature also offers pre-built reports and empowers users to create custom and ad hoc reports.

Understanding the importance of Business Insight

Automated reporting on performance and capacity trends enhances the monitoring process and enables informed decision-making. The reports can be effortlessly delivered to relevant stakeholders, providing valuable information without requiring manual effort or system logins.

During the Q&A I showcased examples of reports for system performance, disc busy, and disc cache, proving how the reports provide insights into system utilization, patterns, and anomalies.

IR's roadmap and focus areas for Transact and Infrastructure

To meet customer needs and tackle the identified challenges above, IR has four primary focus areas for the Transact and Infrastructure roadmap:

  1. Enhancing existing products and meeting the latest software requirements, ensuring continuous support and improvement for customers.
  2. Bring more data into the system, encompassing new technologies, payment types, and integration with third-party vendors.
  3. Expanding the user base of IR's product, enabling access and insights for various teams within organizations beyond operations, such as help desks, account managers, and product teams.
  4. The importance of real-time and long-term insights, providing both immediate issue resolution and historical trend analysis for proactive decision-making.

How IR Infrastructure can help

With the pace of business continuing to accelerate, infrastructure must be strong enough to handle increased demand, yet agile enough to evolve with needs.

Ensure your infrastructure is running effectively to support the business-critical systems you rely on every day with IR Infrastructure.

To find out more, book a demo today.

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