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There can be little argument against business enterprises growing concerns with security. Not just security from the perspective of protecting valuable IT resources from physical harm but the more insidious stealth attacks on company and personal information.

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Freedom of choice focuses NonStop users on visualization..

When you look at the IT Industry there's a single question many of the major vendors are ducking, for now. Well, perhaps not entirely true, but certainly the subject of some deep soul-searching and it has to do with branding! More specifically, we identify with our major vendor whenever we see the presence of one of their systems inside our data center.

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For NonStop users the projected upward path of Prognosis..

Fixing a trajectory has relevance in many fields. Whether it's simply casting a tow line from a tugboat to an oil tanker or simply a shore-man dockside catching the ropes from a docking cruise ship, comprehending trajectories are important as they save time and lead to smoother operations. In times of warfare, of course, they take on a much higher level of relevance as they can determine the outcome of a battle as artillery pieces are trained on...

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For NonStop there's no downside to monitoring unidentified..

As an unabashed car guy, it's as though I am living at the end of times. Just as today we only have equine enthusiasts lovingly tending to horses and steam engine enthusiasts maintain a few miles of track for the trains they dote on, so too, I suspect, in a short few years real cars will only be found in the garages of enthusiasts. The up and coming generation shows little interest in motor vehicles and even the latest television advertisements...

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Can you Visualize NonStop in a Virtual World?

In my last post, When windows open, only the swift make it through, I wrote of how I would be developing a new presentation for an upcoming webinar IR was hosting: NonStopX- The New Goal. It was to be the third webinar (in a series of three) and I was pleased with the audience, as I was with the quality of questions asked. It's always good for those giving a webinar to know their audience is fully engaged.

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Big Data changes trajectory of application monitoring -..

These past couples of days I have been inundated by webinars and podcasts and while I regularly take perhaps a little more than a cursory look at what's being scheduled, in the past I have been rather selective. But not recently, as the topics being covered were of real interest to me. In my last post I wrote of Gartner promoting the concept of the third platform – in effect systems sitting squarely in the crosshairs intersecting mobile...

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A return of trust - HPE transforms; NonStop is part of the..

If you have been reviewing the statements from recent Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) presentations made at major vendor events, and have been giving consideration to the ramifications, you will get the sense that HPE is on a tear of late. By this, I mean it is not just talking about transformation from the user perspective, but from its own perspective as well. This hasn't been missed by industry analysts or technology pundits and there have...

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2015- A Year to Be Proactive for HP NonStop

As we start the New Year, there are goals and resolutions that we all hope to achieve. When we asked what is heading the top of their lists, many of our HP NonStop customers talked about HP's release of the first Nonstop systems based on x86 server hardware and the opportunities it might present for them.

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