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Zoom-ing forward into 2021

Michael Watson

Written by Michael Watson

As we look back on 2020, it was definitely the year of the collaboration platforms. The new workplace, centered around remote working, has prompted the accelerated uptake of some powerful applications that have created a new communication culture.

Collaboration tools are at the heart of an organization’s UC strategies, so naturally, they want an all-encompassing application that allows access to email, video, messaging apps, file sharing and more – from one simplified space.

Zoom takes on the enterprise world

In 2020, Zoom, a completely cloud-based application, became one of the leading video conferencing software apps for enterprises. It enables virtual interaction with co-workers and clients, enabling meetings and chat, HD video, audio collaboration, rooms, workspaces screen and file sharing and much more.

Zoom usage has taken off at lightning speed thanks to its ease of use, the ability to host a large number of attendees (100 participants by default, and up to 1,000 with Large Meeting add-on)- and flexible software configuration options.

The other great thing about Zoom is its ability to work well with others. Zoom easily integrates with an array of platforms and services including Google apps like Gmail and Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Evernote, Skype, Firefox and much more.

With diversity comes complexity

Zoom’s diversity, and its cloud-based flexibility is allowing business continuity and growth. But with all this diversity considered, and the fact that many organizations have a hybrid-cloud, multi-vendor, multi-platform UC environment, Zoom’s out-of-the-box performance management tools just don’t have the capability to track, measure, and monitor.

So, what’s the solution?

We’re happy to announce that IR’s Collaborate suite of solutions now includes support for Zoom.

This new solution is a purpose-built experience management solution for Zoom. It has been designed to ensure successful collaboration and quality user experience by helping enterprise organizations to proactively identify, resolve and avoid problems that directly impact productivity.

Our Zoom experience management solution enables customers to gain real-time visibility into Zoom meetings, calls, rooms and webinars.

Why performance management tools are vital

UC complexity means that monitoring, troubleshooting, service health and success metrics are absolutely necessary for any unified communications infrastructure. It’s critical that your collaboration environment is optimized for peak performance to ensure successful usage, productivity and user experience. Some ways in which our Zoom solutions can deliver:

  • They’ve been designed to ensure a higher rate of uptime, faster problem resolution and consistent end user satisfaction.
  • Zoom’s ability to host a great number of attendees means more bandwidth. Our Zoom monitoring solution ensures that your UC environment can handle the load.
  • Continuous Zoom monitoring ensures smooth deployment by testing your route to the cloud as well as end user experience.
  • Zoom monitoring can spot any critical service delivery issues before you onboard new users.
  • Our solutions provide multi-vendor visibility across all your environments, not just within Zoom

Support for Zoom further strengthens the IR Collaborate solution suite, with support for Microsoft Teams, as well as extensive support for Skype for Business, Cisco and Avaya. This provides the ability to effectively manage multi-vendor UC environments from a single view, simplifying complexity for enterprise and service provider customers, ensuring they can deliver high quality services to all users.

Zoom Forward

Try our Zoom experience management solution free for 30 days. To find out more about support for Zoom – or the Zoom Forward promotion – visit the webpage or contact our team today.

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