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The Top Trend in Digital Transformation (DX)

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Enterprise Connect 2019: Key Takeaways

Anyone who's anyone in the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) world has Enterprise Connect on their radar each year.

For more than 28 years, it’s been the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise UCC, bringing together IT decision makers, vendors, analysts and consultants to focus on the issues central to enterprise networks...

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How UCC Improves the Internal Customer Experience

In 2018 I wrote about the usefulness of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) in driving successful digital transformation (DX). Today I'm going to dip into the developing area of digital customer experience (DCX). But with a twist.

In January, Nemertes Research published a new report entitled, Solid Customer Experience Relies on Well-Managed Communications, and I wrote a blog drawing on one of that paper's main points, being UCC...

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What Is UC Performance Management?

Communications platforms often form the fundamental basis of the most critical business systems. The conversation about UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration) has long-since moved on from why it should be implemented, to how it's being implemented and how it's performance should be managed.

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IR Prognosis is deployed for Cisco's FedRAMP-Authorized..

As the U.S. Federal Government and Public Sector increasingly adopt cloud services for the flexibility and efficiency that they can bring to their agencies, a challenge has emerged: these services must align to government standards for security and risk management, while delivering the performance and user experience expected by their government customers. Therefore, they look for Unified Communications (UC) technology solutions that provide...

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Getting out of the Trenches

A decade ago, unified communications wasn't a feature-rich technology field. Remember the flip phone? UC was kind of like that -- no interactive video calling, real-time chat, or even enterprise VoIP. About the only thing organizations had to manage relative to communications was dial tone, to ensure employees could make phone calls over the PSTN.

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Is the Contact Center being Transformed by AI?

Contact center agents in 2017 must communicate with customers not only on the phone but via social media, instant messaging, video conferencing and web chat. How can humans do it all? Increasingly, they can't.

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Why the Omnichannel Contact Center isn't a Done Deal

The contact center technology landscape is changing to reform old technologies in 2017. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly combine disparate systems and create an omnichannel experience, providing people with the ability to talk with a single agent across multiple interaction methods. Not only is this Utopian ideal expensive, however, but all these different systems don't actually fit together as cleanly as intended.

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Does your Peak-Load Planning include Contact Center Testing?

Depending on the industry, contact centers experience peak loads during certain key times of the year. For instance, in the U.S. we have an open enrollment period associated with insurance changes, typically the latter months of the year into January. During this time, insurance industry contact centers handle 10 to 20 times their average traffic on a given day.   Look at an interesting case study of one company's journey through Black Friday

Communications Blog • 4 MIN READ

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