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Why video conferencing is vital

Rhian McPhail

Written by Rhian McPhail

These days, globalisation, and huge advancements in technology are making it necessary for organisations to keep up, or risk jeopardising their bottom line. Hence the upsurge in using Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications in the workplace.

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With the availability of high-speed networks, video conferencing is fast becoming a crucial element in the unified communications environment. The popularity of video communication in business is rising rapidly, in line with major changes in the way we work.

Socially, video communication is widely accepted, with Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and many other video applications being natural methods of communication. But when it comes to video conferencing in business, the benefits are obvious, but implementations are not always simple. Here’s how video can enhance and improve your organisation’s productivity.

Client meetings

Instead of the wasted time and the inevitable expense that comes with travel – sometimes internationally - meeting clients in real time is now instantaneous, and as convenient as turning on a screen. Video conferencing is also far more interactive than audio communication alone. Often body language is an important factor in crisis management, decision making, and deal-closing.

Inter office collaboration

Employees and management in all departments of any organisation can now easily work together whether they’re in the same building, or on the other side of the world. This instantaneous communication allows the sharing of information, online training, real time brainstorming, multi-tasking, interviewing prospective new employees and much more.


More and more workplaces are adopting a ‘work from home’ or more flexible mobile commuting culture. Video collaboration software and virtual file sharing has increased efficiency and productivity, as well as lowering stress factors for employers and employees, making a positive impact on working strategies.

So why aren’t more businesses using video regularly?

According to a recent independent study on UCC usage, research shows that only 19% of the organisations surveyed use video on a daily or regular basis. However, it was found that over 60% of respondents considered it an important and necessary element in carrying out their jobs.

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While exploring the obvious benefits and advantages of video and voice monitoring and video conferencing, there are certain challenges.


One of the major issues, according to end-user feedback is that video conferencing technology can be somewhat unreliable. The most commonly reported problems include:

  • Poor audio quality
  • A frozen screen
  • An inability to connect at all
  • Screen sharing not functioning properly
  • Trouble sharing files or documents
  • Poor quality/interruptions to video
  • Confusion over how to use the application
  • Insufficient bandwidth

Inadequate IT support

The other important issue encountered by end-users is the lack of adequate support from IT teams.

With video conferencing applications being a relatively new concept for many organisations, their IT departments are sometimes ill-equipped to identify or fix problems in a timely manner. According to the report, lack of response, or taking too long to address problems, means many end-users become so frustrated that they don’t even bother to report the issues to their IT departments!

What’s the solution?

UC vendors are positioning video conferencing and video monitoring as an integral element of their communications solutions.

Prognosis for UC can monitor, troubleshoot and optimise complex UC environments and is the perfect solution for voice, video and collaboration ecosystems.

Prognosis for UC, Service Provider Edition, provides superior performance analytics for unified communications, collaboration and contact centres, allowing you to confidently manage multiple customers at once and deliver a superior customer experience.

For on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, Prognosis delivers the best user UCC experience possible.

Download the UCC Survey Report

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