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Voice of the Customer: Understanding UCC challenges

Written by Cris Trinidad

In today’s business world, IT teams are stretched to the limit. They’re facing budgetary cuts due to economic downturns, while being forced to take on more responsibilities within their organizations. At the same time, UC complexity is increasing as more and more collaboration platforms and technologies are added to the mix. So how are IT Teams going to cope with it all?

At IR, we take a great number of enquiries from all levels of IT operations, from heads of architecture and infrastructure to heads of operations and IT directors. These customers reach out through LiveChat, inbound calls, event follow-ups and word-of-mouth about how our third-party monitoring solutions can streamline operations and make them more efficient.

In this blog we’ll focus on the main concerns from customers, and how we can help organizations address challenges facing IT at all levels.

Video quality

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, video communication has become the primary means of communications for enterprises. With face-to-face meetings and conferences not possible, video adds efficiency, clarity and consistency to many aspects of remote business operations, including recording and documenting meetings, employee training, conducting webinars, assisting customers.

While video is the most valuable collaboration tool, it’s also the tool with the most challenges. Video quality is of critical importance, but there are so many other issues that can cause an unsatisfactory user experience. Problems with technology, devices, lack of user expertise, connection problems, inability to screen share, and security challenges, just to name a few.

IR Collaborate is an all encompassing monitoring solution that provides not only the root cause of a problem, but reveals deep insights through data and analytics that can prevent problems from recurring.

Visibility and control

The way we work has changed. Not only through remote working, but with the addition of devices to help us get the job done. External screens, video cameras, microphones, multiple iPads, tablets constantly connected. Keeping track of all these devices, ensuring they are organization approved and functioning is a nightmare for IT teams.

Our Collaborate monitoring solutions allow full visibility of all these devices through a single pane of glass. In terms of control and compliance, the ability to detect all devices will ensure security and prevent network compromise.

Optimizing large scale UC operations

Many of IR’s customers are large enterprises and global corporations with upwards of 10 thousand users spanning multiple sites and locations. From energy providers, financial institutions and telecommunications companies to the healthcare and education industries, our enterprise solutions can help keep critical organizations up and running 24/7 by:

  • Network monitoring, ensuring high uptime
  • Providing data and analytics to reveal insights on critical problems
  • Keeping track of security and compliance
  • Troubleshooting and root cause detection
  • Achieving more (quantifiable) ROI
  • Customizing solutions to every organization’s specific requirements

By having UC performance management tools in place, organizations are more likely to implement successful technology deployments, improve employee productivity, avoid downtime, reduce costs and, most importantly, improve the experience for all internal and external customers.

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