UC&C Report: The IT Time Crunch

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Are you in the 50% of IT teams that have had their workload increase? And in the majority where you spend precious hours every week on wasted work?  Well, you're not alone. Our UC&C report, The IT Time Crunch, has uncovered some eye-opening truths about the current state of IT teams’ workload. 

Picture this: you're working diligently, everything is under control, when suddenly your platforms start to crash, and you're left scrambling to fix them. Sound familiar? 

With our increasingly heavy reliance on digital technology, IT teams are having to handle more than ever to keep things running smoothly. We surveyed over 200 IT practitioners about their challenges, and the results are shocking. 

69% are spending more than 4 hours a week on unnecessary tasks, a whopping 25% are spending upwards of 8 hours and 5% waste more than 10 hours a week on extra work.  That’s more than a full workday each week!  

Interested to hear what else your peers have experienced? Download your free copy of The IT Time Crunch report today. It's packed with insights and expert advice to help you overcome the challenges of managing complex UC&C environments. 

Download The IT Time Crunch Report today

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