Capgemini: Increasing capacity with IR

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There are many challenges that come with managing a communications ecosystem that services many users, at many locations, while utilizing several different vendors. Before implementing IR Collaborate, Capgemini’s monitoring solutions were unable to provide a real time picture of call and audio quality across the entire breadth of their vast environment.

They needed better visibility into their ecosystem and increased capacity to analyze the full scope of platform stability and performance, including UC, video conferencing and telephony.

Since implementing IR Collaborate, investigations which took between 2 to 3 days to determine the root-cause are now resolved in a matter of hours. 

Comprehensive monitoring across their multi-vendor ecosystem has streamlined Capgemini’s operations, making it easier to share data, identify where issues are occurring and escalate problems to appropriate teams for rectifying. With the greater efficiencies enabled by IR’s solutions, the Capgemini team has increased capacity to focus on higher value tasks and take their service offering to the next level.  

Together, IR and Capgemini teamed up as partners to implement the right solution, enhancing their user experience.  And create great, when it matters most.

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