Chicony and IR: Enhancing user experience

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By providing end-to-end visibility across their entire UC ecosystems IR has helped Chicony address several challenges the team were facing.

Detailed call quality and network data has enabled a level of voice quality insights that had previously been inaccessible. Compiling real-time and historical data made it possible for the team to retrospectively troubleshoot, pinpoint where and why issues occurred, and prevent them from happening in the future.

This deep level of insight has also made it possible for the team to monitor external call quality, resolve network issues, and make more informed decisions in capacity planning.

Customized dashboards and reporting have made a big difference to their operations, enabling the team to see a centralized view of the data from across their environment, improve cross-team collaboration, streamline inventory management, and greatly improve productivity in their day-to-day tasks.

With the greater insight and capacity enabled by IR’s Collaborate solution, Chicony have improved the resilience of their UC systems, to deliver a better user experience and help ensure organizational success.

Chicony is a transnational manufacturer of world-leading peripheral computer and video-imaging products, such as keyboards and cameras. Headquartered in Taiwan, they have manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Dongguan, and Chongqing in China, and in Europe, as well as branches in America and Asia.

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