Gain end-to-end visibility across SBCs and media gateways

Prognosis enables interoperability between session border controllers; AudioCodes, Oracle, Sonus and more.

Session Border Controller

The UC ecosystem is multi-vendor; it's reliant on SBCs and interoperability between all systems. Prognosis offers full support for AudioCodes, Oracle, Sonus and other SBCs and media gateways.

  • Track calls and voice quality across session border controllers

Voice Quality 360 tracks calls and interactions across all network layers, routers, devices, session border controllers, multi-vendor technologies and applications.

Manage the performance of voice and unified communications sessions by checking the health status of SBCs across all network layers, routers, devices, session border controllers and applications. IT teams and network managers can verify that SBCs are operating properly, manage queue activity and monitor voice quality. Prognosis Voice Quality 360 joins the dots across the entire session’s path.

Prognosis Voice Quality 360° delivers deep insight into the complete customer experience. It's a key component of UC environments for businesses that are looking to deliver seamless, reliable and high quality customer interactions. Support teams have the visibility they need to pin point quality issues and ensure a flawless user experience across entire multi-vendor ecosystems.

Audio Codes Session Border Controller
 Oracle Session Border Controller
Sonus Session Border Controller

Voice Quality 360°

Insight beyond the call