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Manage a bunch of applications with ease

With Prognosis on your team, you can take the adage ‘business aware' to a whole new level, because for the very first time you'll be in complete control of your entire infrastructure and workloads.

To simplify management and monitoring of complex applications, Prognosis lets you easily define ‘business-centric' views of applications and their underlying components. These views are then managed as single entities, enabling you to track availability and service levels in real time and overtime. Monitored components may include services, executables, processes, network links, hardware such as CPUs, and disks - in fact, anything that a business application relies on to function properly.

Any of the thousands of Prognosis metrics can included, for example a component can be considered down if it is not processing a minimum number of transactions per second. Seamless integration within Prognosis enables monitoring of application components running across multiple servers, whether they be HP NonStop, UNIX, Linux or Windows.

Prognosis instantly identifies when any one of these components changes status, or otherwise fails to meet user defined performance criteria. In addition to real-time monitoring, Prognosis automatically captures detailed availability statistics and generates service level reports.

The comprehensive information it provides helps you identify and permanently eliminate performance bottlenecks and points of failure. Availability and service level analysis includes catering for scheduled service times and downtimes, giving you complete control of service level analysis and reports when required.

Real-time application availability monitoring

Prognosis Availability Manager tracks overall application availability in real time with a choice of alert types to warn of potential problems or slow response times.

In depth application and sub-component availability monitoring

HTML reports show daily availability for the application, as well as each of its sub-components. It concisely identifies overall application availability, failures and state changes.

The detailed component availability information identifies the ‘server TCP/IP connection' as the primary point of failure. Additional reports cover a wide range of service level and component availability over userdefined intervals.

Monitor applications operating across multiple platforms

Prognosis monitors availability across HP NonStop, UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Clustered, multi-host, and multiplatform applications can easily be displayed and managed as a single entity. Drill-down links take you directly to individual process or component information.

Regardless of where the application is defined, all component monitoring is performed locally. This is achieved by dynamically distributing the configuration to the host where the component resides. This design achieves component transparency, configuration flexibility and fault-tolerance. Store-and-forward techniques ensure availability status and statistics are always correctly reported.


Simplify management and monitoring of complex applications Gain in-depth availability and service level analysis. Track availability and service levels in real-time and over time Identify and permanently eliminate performance bottlenecks and points of failure Achieve complete control of your entire infrastructure and workloads.

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