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Are you ready for Apple Pay & Tokenized Payments?

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This eBook is not only about monitoring Apple Pay and other tokenized transactions it is also about rolling out, managing new technologies and measuring the adoption and success of your investment.

Tokenized payment acceptance is taking off and more deployments are happening every day. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and others are offering the latest advancements in payments and financial technology.

Apple Pay

This eBook is based on our recent webinar 'Are you ready for Apple Pay & Tokenized payments?' The principles we cover also apply to any new technology such as immediate payments, NPP and bitcoin.

These criteria were initially used for EMV deployments in Australia and Europe. but are also applicable to other technology deployments such as tokenized payments:

  • Certifications and approvals
    Getting signed up with the required regulatory body or payment networks.
  • Selecting technology vendors
    For EMV, this step often includes choosing and rolling out compliant terminals.
  • Ongoing technology management
    Plan for ongoing management activities for the new technology. This can include software upgrades, scheduled outages, problem investigation and resolution procedures.
  • Integration with existing systems
    Understand how the new payments flows fit into your system, and what changes are required to handle and instrument the new steps, activation, transaction and token life cycle management.

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Topics: Voice system testing High availability Migration, deployment and adoption Real-time monitoring