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Collaboration or Frustration? Using UCC Applications in the..

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Cisco Unified Communications migration strategy and...

More organizations are choosing Cisco as their preferred platform for integrated unified communications (UC), collaboration, video conferencing and contact center solutions.

Whether your organization is considering a complete migration to Cisco, or an extension or upgrade of your current setup, this guide highlights critical areas to address along...

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Real-time Insight for Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers face tough competition; merchants have a choice who they select to process their transactions, but how do you ensure that they...

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Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments - video

Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments to understand how it can help your organization better manage and optimize its payments ecosystem....

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Are you ready for Apple Pay & Tokenized Payments?

Tokenized payment acceptance is taking off and more deployments are happening every day. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and others are offering the latest advancements in payments and financial technology.

The principles we cover also apply to any new technology such as immediate payments, NPP and bitcoin.

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