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Delivering Value for NonStop X Users

Richard Buckle

Written by Richard Buckle

IR has been providing value to the NonStop community for more than 25 years. Many people view IR's system and application performance management solution, Prognosis, as the solution of choice for NonStop environments. While we're proud of what we've accomplished, we haven't stopped working diligently to expand the value we bring to NonStop users.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" is certainly true, but these days actual measurements are harder to truly achieve as a result of the ever-increasing interconnectivity of systems and applications. Today, more NonStop users of Prognosis are leveraging IR's capability to run and manage performance of adjacent systems. This includes utilizing Prognosis for open systems like Unix, Windows or Linux (including its application stack), or to get visibility into contact centers supporting all types of payment processing operations, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments and other emerging technologies.

Monitoring a mix of applications running on NonStop is all well and good, but these days we are being asked to do much more than that. IR customers expect Prognosis to help them in three key areas: 1) application performance monitoring, 2) operational maturity and optimization, and 3) business intelligence. IR continues to invest in all of these areas to ensure Prognosis remains the solution of choice of the NonStop user community.

With the growing adoption of the NonStop X architecture we expect to see more integration of heterogeneous environments that will share workloads based on service levels and availability requirements. As much as this vision might sound enticing from a cost/value perspective, it will undoubtedly increase complexity, which in itself is a driver for operational challenges. The classic saying "the chain is only as strong is its weakest link" applies more than ever. Every piece of technology added is another link in the chain. Prognosis is perfectly positioned to manage these complex hybrid environments.

For example, IR has recently been working with a large global retailer migrating from NonStop to a NonStopX hybrid environment. Prognosis application and platform monitoring is ensuring that every step of the migration goes smoothly, while customized dashboards and reporting give the client the visibility they need to make critical business decisions directly tied to their ongoing global expansion.

As a company, IR remains firmly committed to the NonStop platform so be on the lookout for further updates on products and features as we track the NonStop product roadmaps closely over the coming months. For more details on how Prognosis can support your NonStopX project check out our latest webinar - NonStop X and Hybrid Computing.

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