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2015- A Year to Be Proactive for HP NonStop

Richard Buckle

Written by Richard Buckle

As we start the New Year, there are goals and resolutions that we all hope to achieve. When we asked what is heading the top of their lists, many of our HP NonStop customers talked about HP's release of the first Nonstop systems based on x86 server hardware and the opportunities it might present for them.

HP is planning to release the x86 architecture version of HP NonStop solution in March 2015. It is exciting as it is promising many great features including a 100 percent fault-tolerant environment and application compatibility. Here at IR, we're enthusiastically adopting this new NonStop X platform and we are excited for NonStop users but we also know that transition will be a critical period for many of those.

We are an HP AllianceOne partner and have been the performance management solution of choice for many of the largest organizations in the world since it was first released in 1988. Great! But it is not only our commitment to HP as a partner made us successful, it is also putting our customers' needs first. We ask, but most importantly listen!!!

Recently we had conversations with our early adopter NonStop customers to identify the best migration path for them. How would you like to know that there is a seamless transition path to the amazing NonStop X? A path that will protect your data, significantly minimize the risk of any downtime or availability issues and will provide invaluable insights to start off your new environment at its best.

At IR, we encourage our customers to be proactive! It is great to accept and adopt new styles of infrastructure technologies but being reactive isn't going to keep your systems running. You also need to have the operational insight to be proactive. So when you go back to your agenda, cross whatever is on the top of your list and write in bold and capital letters "Be Proactive". Take the first step and talk to one of our enthusiastic Nonstop gurus! They will tell you all and more that you need to know about the best NonStop X adoption path and keep a continuous performance.


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