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Optimizing Zoom for Service Providers

Michael Watson

Written by Michael Watson

With more and more business operations now being delivered as a service, and the domination of remote working, IT departments are under a crippling amount of pressure. This is prompting IT managers to re-think the way they work – and Service Providers or SPs (sometimes called Managed Service Providers) are now playing a vital role in helping businesses achieve operational efficiency as well as maintaining business continuity.

Since the start of the COVID crisis, there has been a huge uptake in the services and expectations offered by SPs. Many businesses undergoing cloud migration lack cloud expertise and want one SP or carrier to provide their data plan, their telephony, their mobile, their UC in one bundle. This is enabling SPs to work closely with businesses as they move towards digital transformation, providing greater value for the end user.

Zoom’s popularity adds complexity

Analysts say that Zoom’s massive growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic is set to continue.

In the March 2020 quarter, Zoom added over 183,000 enterprise customers with more than 10 employees – up 353.7% year over year.

With Zoom’s unprecedented popularity in the enterprise UC space, it adds further complexity to what was already a complicated collaboration environment.

As a SP, your customers’ UC environment most likely consists of a tool like Zoom for collaboration, plus multiple other vendors, different apps, and countless remote devices. So, with Zoom in the mix, how can SPs ensure they can continue to optimize UC systems for their customers?

Why monitoring Zoom is important

To help keep track of all the information and see the whole picture in real time, third-party monitoring tools become even more important.

Zoom’s own administration tools don’t have the capability to drill down as deeply or address the level of proactive insights as third- party tools. They don’t have the tracking technology to monitor, measure, and benchmark voice call quality, security, connectivity, or to detect anomalies in data as an early warning system for future system vulnerabilities. And they don’t have the capacity to help manage anything outside your Zoom instance.

Optimizing Zoom for Service Providers

In our webinar, Optimizing Zoom for Service Providers, we’ll cover key considerations for SPs when having to manage Zoom within multiple customer environments. Some of the topics will include:

  • Cost reduction, and the best way to manage licensing.
  • Driving Adoption - Zoom user adoption, and what might be some of the issues.
  • Performance to SLAs - ensuring SLAs are met, despite the increase in complexity.

SPs are more in demand now than ever. But with growing challenges, evolving technologies, increasing competition and other complexities to deal with, it’s vital to assure your clients that your services exceed expectations and provide satisfaction.

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