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How Greater China is staying agile in an ever-changing UC landscape

Crystal Cheng

Written by Crystal Cheng

In a previous blog we discussed how the UCC landscape in Greater China is reshaping itself in the wake of COVID-19. We talked about the challenges and setbacks associated with the new culture of remote working.

IT teams continue to experience enormous pressure with multiple endpoints to manage, security concerns, call and video quality issues, network failures, system administration and an ever-increasing range of problems.

The crisis is by no means over, but with performance management solutions in place, enterprise level businesses globally have been able to raise the overall standard of their UC operations, maintain business continuity, and significantly improve productivity and user satisfaction.

Today we can share additional insights about why monitoring your UCC environment with a third-party tool is vital in today’s business world, and reveal a clearer perspective of what’s to come for IT teams in the immediate future.

UC trends in GC since COVID-19

  • With the shift to remote working, more and more large organizations in GC (those with 1,000 – 2,500 users) are relying on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to handle many components of their IT operations. This relieves the strain on in-house IT, but performance degradations, downtime and outages will still occur. This means service providers can’t always make good on SLA enforcement, and look to third party monitoring to provide a unified view of the entire UC ecosystem. Collaborate for Service Providers improves customer onboarding and management and helps SPs protect their bottom line.
  • Many organizations already use Microsoft Office 365 and its associated licences, so Microsoft Teams is emerging as one of the top preferred collaboration platforms in GC and they are using Microsoft’s native Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) to manage performance.
  • However, many are realising the limitation of Microsoft’s CQD. Remote working has created multiple UC systems, numerous end-users and platforms, creating greater UC complexity. CQD can only monitor its own systems, and cannot provide deep insights into root causes on call quality issues or network issues that occur elsewhere. IR Collaborate offers full performance management support for Teams in a multi-platform environment, and can proactively identify how, when and where the problem is for fast resolution.

Watch a live demo of IR Collaborate's Microsoft Teams and Zoom capabilities.

Watch a demo of IR Collaborate.

Case Study - Chicony

IR’s solutions helped global manufacturer Chicony gain better visibility into their UC environment, and enabled them to reduce Mean-Time To Resolution (MTTR). This resulted in increased user satisfaction, greatly improved productivity, and more efficient cross-team collaboration.

The problem

With over 2,000 active endpoints across their operations, Chicony struggled to manage their Avaya UC environment and infrastructure.

With most of their resources dedicated to reactively troubleshooting specific problems, this lack of efficiency prompted them to reach out to IR.

The solution

IR Collaborate helped Chicony address the key UC issues and challenges by:

  • Providing detailed call quality and network data
  • Enabling a level of voice quality insights previously not accessible
  • Compiling real-time and historical data to pinpoint why issues occurred and prevent them from happening in the future
  • Monitoring external call quality and network issues to help with capacity planning
  • Creating customized dashboards enabling teams to see a centralized view of their entire environment
  • Streamlining inventory management

With a solution like IR Collaborate in place, enterprises can ensure agility and proactive action to improve their UC operations, deliver a better user experience and help ensure organizational success.

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