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CeBIT 2017 - Improving User Experience in Communication Channels

Skip Chilcott

Written by Skip Chilcott

CeBIT 2017, one of the largest technology events in the world took place last week in Hanover with thousands of visitors over the course of the week.  

We took some great pictures during the week, check them out on our Facebook page here

I spoke to Stefan Bartels at the event, captured in the video below, about the main topic that stood out to us at the event. Visitors were eager to learn how to improve user experience across all unified communication channels in a multi-vendor environment.  When people were able to see where the quality and performance problems are coming from it opens their eyes to how performance management solutions play a key role in improving user experience. Ultimately it helps users work better and be more productive. 

Watch the video below to find out  more about CeBIT 2017. 

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