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Business continuity: How Cisco UC is keeping us cool, calm and connected

Kate Daley

Written by Kate Daley

The world of Unified Communications (UC) is in a state of constant, rapid change. The unprecedented effects of a global pandemic have undoubtedly propelled these changes, and vastly altered our working and living landscape.

Home – the redefined workplace

Working from home has provided yet another acronym (WFH) describing ‘the new normal’. With no time to prepare for massive upheaval to UC infrastructures many businesses have been plunged into a state of disaster recovery and are quickly discovering that their infrastructure is inadequate or will soon be outdated.

Unified communications is at the forefront of the transition to remote working, ensuring at least some form of business continuity through connectivity and collaboration.

How Cisco is helping business continuity

One of the biggest players on the UC stage is Cisco, whose stable, reliable products can be found throughout the largest enterprises in the world. During the COVID crisis, Cisco systems have been helping to keep businesses securely connected, and communities, customers and partners operating effectively in virtual environments across the globe.

In our recently updated guide ‘Getting the most out of your Cisco Unified Communications’, we cover the best ways for businesses to stay reliably informed on all things UC, and how to maintain connectivity to ensure business continuity.

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We help you to properly understand your UC needs, and how to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your network’s performance. This way you can maintain a sound platform for remote collaboration the cloud, in the office or working from home.

The unexpected onset of the pandemic has meant that nobody could have predicted the speed with which organizations would have to embrace remote work. A Gartner Business Continuity Survey revealed that only 12% of organizations considered their business continuity plans solid enough for the impact of COVID-19. Without BCPs in place, many business’s revenues have been affected, some have had to suspend operation, and many will never reopen.

UC performance management solutions and business continuity

Over recent months, the world’s population has had to re-assess the way we live and work, interact and connect with others, make purchasing decisions and keep businesses operating. In these uncertain times, we’re adapting to change thanks to UC, and the technology that supports it.

The rapid digital transformation means the implementation of new technology and processes and a steep learning curve for many.

For businesses to succeed and maintain continuity in this new norm, it’s crucial that UC and collaboration tools are functioning properly. If businesses can’t serve and communicate with their customers, employees and partners, digitally, then businesses will collapse.

Business leaders are realizing that the right mix of tools are necessary to ensure business continuity. UC performance management solutions play a critical role in the success of a business’s UC infrastructure. This means providing deep insights, detailed data and analytics and fast troubleshooting capabilities. Performance management tools are essential to reveal exactly how a network is functioning, why problems occur, how they can be fixed – and the likelihood of recurrence.

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