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Webex by Cisco - Alerting

Proactive alerting is critical to effectively managing user experience - be alerted to issues in your Webex Meetings environment in real-time with IR...

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Webex by Cisco - Analyzing Network Performance

Could poor network performance be impacting user experience in your Webex Meetings? With IR Collaborate you can get visibility into performance...

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Webex by Cisco - Managing Meeting User Adoption

Find out how IR Collaborate can help maximize user adoption of Webex Meetings by Cisco to ensure you're getting the best possible return on your...

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Webex by Cisco - Troubleshooting Meetings

Watch our solution for Webex by Cisco in action! See how IR Collaborate can help you troubleshoot Webex Meetings, to ensure you're delivering a great...

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Zoom Experience Management Overview

Our Zoom experience management can help simplify the complexity of managing modern UC and collaboration ecosystems, helping you gain insight into...

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Dynamic Thresholds: Advanced alerting to improve..

This video explores how Dynamic Thresholds can be used to improve alerting accuracy, reduce alert noise, streamline management of payments ecosystems...

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Microsoft Teams - Exploring Call Setup and Drop..

In this demo we explore how you can use the call setup failed ratio and drop failed ratio views in IR Collaborate to quickly identify common links...

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From analytics to insight

With IR Transact's payments analytics capabilities you can obtain insights from your data with ease, to help you track performance against KPIs,...

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Troubleshooting payments processing

How do you detect problems with payments processing? The answer is IR Transact. In this demo, we take you through what to look for to detect problems...

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Zoom Security - PART 4: Is meeting traffic..

The fourth and final installment in the Zoom Security series looks at the types of encryption available when using Zoom, the differences between...

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Zoom Security - PART 3: Are Personal Meeting IDs..

Part 3 of our Zoom Security series looks at the pros and cons of Personal Meeting IDs vs randomly generated meeting IDs, and how IR Collaborate can...

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Zoom Security - PART 2: Are my users' Zoom..

In part 2 of the Zoom security series, we look at why the Zoom client impacts security and how IR Collaborate can help determine whether your users...

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Zoom Security - PART 1: Are my meetings secure?

How can you tell if your Zoom meetings are secure? In this video series, we show you how IR Collaborate can help you manage Zoom security and give...

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Using the merchant portal to maximize customer..

Improve system uptime and maximize customer satisfaction with real-time insight into the health of your transactions.

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IR Collaborate

Enterprise grade performance management for voice, video and collaboration ecosystems to simplify UC complexity.

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IR Transact

Simplify the complexity of managing modern payments ecosystems and bring real-time visibility to your entire environment.

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Contact Center

Ensure your voice quality, connection, and critical systems are problem-free so you can deliver a superior customer experience.

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Real-time visibility across merchants

Deliver a smooth payments experience with real-time insight into transaction data

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IR Collaborate Live Demo [Mar 2021]

Live demo of IR Collaborate with a senior solutions engineer.

Videos • 60 MIN PLAY

IR Transact Live Demo [Jan 2021]

Live demo of IR Transact with a senior solutions engineer.

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Microsoft Teams Experience Management Overview

Our Microsoft Teams experience management capabilities can help organizations transition to Teams, drive adoption and usage, and deliver a great...

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Microsoft Teams - Part 1: Experience Overview

Explore the features of the Experience Overview dashboard which gives you a snapshot of Microsoft Teams performance at a glance.

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Microsoft Teams - Part 2: Service Health

Take a deeper look at Service Health, which displays real-time data and insights into the health of the Microsoft environment.

Videos • 3.07 MIN PLAY

Microsoft Teams - Part 3: Call Details and..

Part 3 explores how you can drill down into the details of a call or meeting, and look at endpoint readiness within your environment.

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