Unified Communications Cloud Migration Checklist

3 key phases of a successful migration:

  • Planning
  • Deployment
  • Operation

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Transitioning a unified communications system to the cloud may seem like a daunting proposal. Organizations have concerns about maturity, reliability, network capabilities, and feature parity.

APIs are also gaining new features that enable partners to manage their environment more effectively.

In terms of product suites and capabilities, Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco Spark have taken significant strides to allow organizations to buy numbers directly. Equipment no longer needs to be housed on-premises and phone numbers no longer need to be obtained from the telco.

As your organization makes its transition to the cloud, one of the first considerations is whether to adopt a hybrid or pure cloud solution. This decision is primarily based around your user, organizational and telephony requirements. Most enterprises with complex environments will choose a hybrid solution over the next few years as they perform a gradual cloud transition.