Regulatory compliance visibility

Improve visibility to regulatory compliance with IR Prognosis performance management for Payments

The payments industry has gone through rapid change over the past few years and this is predicted to continue unabated. So to effectively manage your operations you need to provide cost-effective solutions that keep you on top of emerging, non-traditional payment methods, as well as looking for ways to exploit new market opportunities.

The flip side of this growth is the need for increased regulatory compliance brought about by government regulations and legal compliance demands placed on you. All of this means that you need a comprehensive compliance management strategy, which minimizes risk while at the same time meets compliance goals and provides room for growth.

Use Prognosis for regulatory compliance visibility

Prognosis payments management solutions for the payments industry provide unparalleled, real- time insight into your payments infrastructure. It helps you achieve regulatory compliance through ensuring consolidated and harmonized sets of compliance controls function efficiently without unnecessary duplication of effort and activity.

How Prognosis helps to reduce risk

Prognosis helps you stay on top of everything, all of the time. Three essential capabilities give you a solid and workable strategy for regulatory compliance visibility:

  1. Alert notifications: With customizable alert thresholds you are instantly notified of any breaches, so that you can immediately begin to investigate problems before they get out of control.
  2. Deep insight: Prognosis gives you the power to drill down deep into your infrastructure enabling you to rapidly locate, identify and resolve problems on the fly.
  3. 360° view: Experience a complete view of your entire payments network from a single transaction to downed links or CPU usage, any time and from anywhere.

Prognosis brings peace of mind that you’re complying with standards. Deep insight to interconnected technologies and channels across ATM, branches, online, POS and more, removes the guesswork around compliance.

You can stay up to date with the ways your customers want to pay. And with a 360° real-time view, sophisticated analytics and reporting you have the power to make better payment decisions.

Prognosis monitors and troubleshoots Payment systems in real time

ACI Payments

Monitor ACI Payments

Optimize your ACI payments environment with Prognosis for Payments performance management solutions and take your business to the next level.


FIS Payments

Monitor FIS Payments

FIS Connex is one of the most used financial transaction software solutions in the world and the Prognosis ATM Transaction Manager was specifically designed to optimize this software.